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Luxurious Business-Class Experience: DCAR Business-Class - Hyundai Solati 11-Seater

The DCAR Business-Class - Hyundai Solati 11-seater delivers a transportation experience that echoes luxury and comfort akin to the business-class cabin on an airplane.

Not just a means of transportation, it stands as the perfect choice for transportation businesses, tourism, and corporate employee shuttling.

Business-Class Interior Resembling an Aircraft's Business Class - Hyundai Solati: Opulent and Exquisite

A New Destination for Luxury: DCAR Business-Class - Hyundai Solati 11-Seater

Optimally designed interiors create a private space with flexible adjustable curtains, offering comfort and expansive views for passengers.

Priced at 1,539,000,000 VND, this vehicle not only meets premium transportation needs but also ensures a luxurious experience with a range of diverse amenities.

Rental prices starting from: 3,500,000 VND per day

Premium Transport on Par with "5-Star Airlines": Hyundai Solati Delivers Top-Notch Experience

The exterior boasts a robust and modern design, with bodywork enhancements on the front, rear, and both sides, establishing a robust and distinctive look in comparison to other market models.

Notably, the interior houses a 32-inch smart TV, a clock, a diverse charging system, along with premium leather seats designed in a modern and comfortable style.

A Fusion of Class: Modern Amenities and Robust Design in DCAR Business-Class - Hyundai Solati

With flexible seating arrangements, accommodating from 10 to 12 seats depending on the model, the DCAR Business-Class - Hyundai Solati 11-seater promises comfort and convenience for every passenger.

It is indeed an ideal choice for premium passenger transport businesses, as well as hotels and resorts seeking to provide a high-class transport experience.

The perfect blend of amenities, robust design, and luxurious interior space will surely satisfy even the most discerning customers.

Asia Transport's 11-Seater Dcar Limousine is the perfect choice for luxurious transport, boasting functional interior design, reliability, and style.

Asia Transport's Dcar Limousine 11-seater rental service is the perfect blend of luxurious and high-class transportation.

With its functional and reliable interior design, we guarantee a quality and stylish transport experience.


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