Dcar Limousine - Luxury Limousine Service is a commercial version launched by Dcar Limousine for customers, Dcar Limousine is an improved product based on Ford's 16-seat Ford transit version manufactured by CP Oto GMG .
Detailed description of Dcar Limouusine:

The seats are made of genuine leather with solid wood grain, LED lights are decorated with water droplets to create a colorful space for business cars when integrating many utilities for work such as 4G wifi, USB charging port, 22 liter refrigerator, rain umbrella cabinet ...
# Many utility devices
Vehicles equipped with many utilities for work such as 3G, Charger (USB port), power outlet, ...
# Luxurious leather seats
Genuine leather comes with wood grain, typical of luxury cars. Spacious seats, sliding down custom at the discretion of the user
Refrigerator 22 liters - 5 degrees Celsius
Meet the needs of passengers on business trips or receiving partners.
19 inch ceiling TV
TV 19 inch ceiling tiles large enough for people in the back seat can see the content of the program clearly.
# High-end audio system
With a Sony set of 4 speakers, a 2 din DVD player with built-in GPS brings a lively music space
Wide sliding door system
The car has the only open sliding door system on the market today.

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