Utilities need to know when booking a Dcar Xplus, Solati, President Limousine with Asia Transport - Hanoi Limousine Service


All seats are equipped with independent seat belts, with separate back angles. Particularly for cars Dcar Xplus, Dcar Solati, Dcar President has massage chairs for VIP guests.

High-class imported leather seats, application of ergonomic Ecgonomi design sit smoothly throughout the journey, the engine controls recline, 4 Vip chairs with massage, except Dcar President with 2 massage chairs and seat opposite each other.

LCD screen

Modern sound system combined with DVD player connected to USB socket

Separate baffle system, soundproofing between passenger compartment and driver

LED lighting system with new light, creates a delicate and polite space

Unique reading light system for each seat

220v power socket for convenient charging on lap, ipad

Charge the phone versatile, integrated with different phone lines such as Iphone, Samsung ... on each seat.

Internal phone between passenger and driver

Wifi system

Smart meeting table

Mini fridge box

Healthcare box

Cellular compartment, first aid box.

Take Asia Transport to enjoy the luxury, luxury and class Limousine rental service, the car is always fully equipped with the most amenities such as Dcar Limousine, Dcar President, Dcar Xplus and 9-seat Dcar Solati, 19-seat Fuso Limousine Luxury with the best prices in Hanoi and Bac Ninh.