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Ho Chi Minh Limousine Service | Saigon Van & Minibus Rental 

With the line of business class Van and minibus limousines with 9, 11, 15, 16, 18, 19, 28 high-class VIP seats, to limousines used for travel, seminars ....

Ho Chi Minh Limousine Service - Asia Transport will meet your travel needs in the most satisfactory way, you are looking for a high-end car segment, working right on the road.

With our professional and well-trained driver, you are assured of a comfortable and safe transportation.

Welcome to Ho Chi Minh Limousine Service - Asia Transport to enjoy car rental service!

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Limousine Van rental is one of the most luxurious and popular transport today in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.

With Famous brands in Vietnam such as Auto kingdom, Skybus, Dcar,.. in order to bring the highest quality, extension with reasonable number of passenger seat suitable for many different contexts such as, pick up guests, receiving blows or travel to pick up relatives, etc..

Ho Chi Minh Limousine Service

Interior of Van Limousine

All seats on the car, including the driver's seat, are covered with high-grade leather imported most advanced technology, the special feature of these seats always makes every passenger satisfied when it is integrated full-body massage system, customizing the electric seat in all the most comfortable sitting positions for passengers.

The utility of transport

  • The utility on the car is very unique, when you can charge your phone or computer right where you sit, because it is arranged right in each seat with a charging slot.

  • Great entertainment system, car control screen can connect to Vietmap, 19-inch full HD ceiling-mounted TV.

  • In addition, there are DVD players, 4G Wifi transmitters, portable meeting tables, lively speakers, luggage compartment with extremely large capacity to meet all luggage for passengers.