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Welcome to Asia Transport Travel through Hanoi in a rental car service with driver that meets your needs. There are many vehicles on offer for a luxury car 7 seaters (6 pax + 1 driver) rental in Hanoi, including economy cars and MPV.

Asia Transport offer 7 seaters car (6 pax + 1 driver) and 7, 9, 11, 16 Or 18 Passengers Van/Minibus Rentals in Hanoi, Vietnam will definitely help you feel comfortable and relax for your journey the best price pupose of travel, wedding, airport pick-up, shuttle staff, summer tourism ... who need comfort and class for the trip. ​

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Price for rental Luxury Car 7 seaters in Hanoi 

Finding a good and reputable car rental company in Hanoi is the top concern of customers. Understanding the need to rent a 7-seater car for travel and work, Asia Transport always prepares luxurious 7-seater cars with attentive drivers at competitive prices.

Luxury Car 7 seaters Available at Asia Transport

Nowadays, people's lives are developing more and more, and customers' demand for 7-seater vehicles has also become more diverse.

Especially desiring to travel, the company makes many trips with a safe, comfortable ride, cost-effective and convenient. Therefore, many 7-seater cars became popular, for group customers of about 5 traveling to the provinces. Here, Asia Transport will introduce to you the top 3 most prestigious 7-seat cars!

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Van Model year: 2019-20

From 99$/day/10 hours

The Kia Sedona model belongs to the Minivan segment, or large MPV, with 7 seats. In some markets it is also known as Kia Carnival, reminiscent of famous Carnival festivals around the world. Thanks to the price advantage and luxurious appearance, Kia Sedona is currently the first choice.

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Van Model year: 2022

From 75$/day/10 hours

Xpander 2022 – 7 seaters brings a more comprehensive and complete experience, through the intersection of Crossover's luxurious interior-exterior design style, combining practical and sophisticated utility equipment. economy and smooth handling of an ideal family car.

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Car Model year: 2018-20

From 85$/day/10 hours

Kia Carnival 7 - 8 seaters is the sample urban SUV with the most features, comfort and luxury in the Vietnamese market, combining the features and power typical of SUVs with a luxurious, comfortable space and many applications. 

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Why should you rent a Car with driver

The driver is with many years of experience. They know all the main roads. Therefore, they know the direction of the whole journey in their local. So, you won't need to worry too much about getting lost or going the wrong way or committing a traffic error Diverse experiences.

Enjoy the high-class service of the new 7 seaters model from 2020 car lines with modern and luxurious equipment, with two separate compartments for driver and passenger. Moreover, users can use the amenities available in the car such as 6-speaker entertainment system with 8-inch touch screen integrated AUX, USB, Bluetooth, Radio, Maps,...

Seat storage compartment Passengers have their own locks and have internal cooling features.


These amenities create a feeling of comfort and relaxation for passengers in the vehicle. This is a car line known for the purpose of serving and transporting the nobility and the upper class.

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Car Rental with basic English speaking driver skills

All of our drivers are highly skilled and professional and when there is a special need for foreign guests. We can provide you with a basic English speaking driver and assist with the operator 24/7. With experience Travel guide to make your trip without a guide easy. You just need to confirm your booking of 7 seaters Rental in Hanoi with your needs and then we'll take care of your needs.

Accompanying the quality, Rental price 7 seaters is always a matter that customers care about, so Asia Transport always tries to offer the best price to ensure customers about quality and cost.

Popular purpose Car 7 Seaters Rental in Hanoi

Rental 7 seaters car in Hanoi | Asia Transport The purpose of renting a car 7 seats is very diverse for Inbound guests, domestic is very diverse one way resort transfer to Ha Long, FLC, Vinpearl, MGallery, airport transfer, City 10, 12 hours, full service North West, North West, Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Event travel through Vietnam.