How To Book Car, Van, Minibus Limousine in Hanoi

If you need to rent a vehicle for a group of seven or more people up to 45 seaterrs, you have two choices: You can rent  van or minibus Limousine from 7 seaters. Depending on how many passengers you have, a van is often the most economical way to go.

Major car rental companies typically include some 9- and 18-passenger vans their fleets.


  • Under 6 passsengers: Sendona

  • Under 9 passengers By far the most commonly offered van model are Dcar Xplus, Solati, Auto Kingdom Limousine 9 seaters.

  • 9-11 passengers: Dcar Solati Limousine 11 seaters or Auto Kingdom Limousine change from 29 seaters

  • Under 18 passengers: Fuso Limousine 18 seaters

  • Under 28 passengers: Thaco Meadew 28 seaters

  • Under 45 passengers: Huyndai Universe 45 seaters


Find out details of each Car, Van, Minibus and Bus 

When you’ve got a large group, renting a passenger van can have its upsides. They are easy to enter and exit through large sliding doors, plus there are typically two back doors for luggage storage.


Booking in advance is absolutely crucial. Where passenger vans are available, they tend to sell out quickly. We recommend booking as early as possible, especially during peak family vacation periods, such as summer, holidays, and long weekends.

Sedona 7 chỗ_edited
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Thaco Meadow 28 chỗ_edited
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Huyndai 45 chỗ bản cao cấp_edited
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Xe Limousine 9 chỗ Dcar Solati
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Dcar Limousine Xplus 9 ghế masage-min
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Dcar Solati President Limousine 7 chỗ-min
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Dcar Solati Limousine 9 chỗ-min
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Auto Kingdom Limousine 11 chỗ-min
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Dcar Solati Limousine 11 chỗ-min
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