Limousine Car Transfer for rental in Hanoi: Select Asia Transport


In order to meet the increasing demands of customers' car rental in terms of service quality, the passenger transport business has developed their own Limousine lines.


Currently, 80% of tourism businesses have used Dcar Limousine to serve passengers. For families, the demand for this vehicle is also very high.
Currently, the licensing to convert Limousine cars in Vietnam is still quite limited. Specifically, for the 16-seat Transit model, only 10 seats can be converted, not lower-grade vehicles can be applied; 7-seater vehicles are converted to 4 or 6 seats.

Asia Transport - Hanoi Limousine Service always wants the Government to consider more and more to approve for automobile businesses, Mobihome solutions, or Limousine with their own brand. Since then, the company can provide consumers with high-class cars in a timely manner to meet a part of increasing consumer demand.
Limousine rental business of Asia Transport in recent years is quite good, on average, the whole system sells 80-100 contracts. Compared to a few other businesses, I assert that they do not have a strong commitment on warranty, quality, as well as providing accompanying services for this vehicle.

Asia Transport specializes in providing rental of genuine Limousine Dcar. When limousine is serviced to customers, we have to check the interior, especially the electrical system, which needs to work very well. We expect that when the vehicle transports customers, it must be guaranteed to be absolutely safe and quality.

Asia Transport - Luxury Limousine Service is shaping customers to follow new vehicles, brand new, as well as providing customers with a more comprehensive business solution so we have more special preferential policies on price, service.