Which 9-seat Limousine Van transfer Rental has massage chairs?

Welcome to Asia Transport to enjoy Limousine car rental service in Hanoi and Bac Ninh with high-class, luxurious and class cars, always equipped with massage chairs Dcar President, Dcar Xplus and Dcar Solati 9 seats with the best prices in Hanoi and Bac Ninh including:


Model: 2018 - 2019

4 360-degree rotating massage chair. Developed from a 16-seater passenger compartment, DCar designed the XPlus car model with only 9 seats, in which the first row of passenger seats can be rotated 180 degrees modernly, the middle row is integrated with massage function to create a comfortable position, Maximum relaxation with customized sliding slopes to the liking of the user.


Model: 2018. 2 massage chairs

Dcar President is named as "SPECIAL LAND SPECIALIST" because it has an interior design of creative Limousine style, meets the inspection standards and especially the most luxurious of the commercial vehicles being transferred. changed to limousine. DCAR PRESIDENT space can satisfy the "Bleisure" criterion, both work and relaxation of the owner and accompanying guests.


Model: 2019. 4 massage chairs, Gzero design chairs

On flights, the First Class seat is something many people wish to experience but not every flight has this class, although the price is usually not cheap. From that idea, DCAR has designed and manufactured a class of DCAR DCAR cars with seat compartments like First Class on board aircraft. Thereby, DCar realizes the opportunity to "transform" shipping companies into "5-star-ground" airlines.

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