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Review Of Van Limousine Rental Service Of Asia Transport

To save customers' feelings when using our Private Limousine Transfer service, to improve the quality of service and to give other customers a more standard choice.

Review of limousine rental service of Asia Transport
  1. My family returned to Vietnam, and my friends recommended me to rent a 9-seat Dcar Limousine to Hanoi - Ha Long - Sapa for 5 days. The trip was perfect and luxurious using Dcar Limousine.

  2. Thank Ms Fiona for sharing and supporting us so much

  3. The bus service from hanoi to ninh binh is wonderful!

  4. Windy photography has just rented your car. Have a nice trip! Dvu car very good, friendly lx, clean car, friendly professional lx! This is not known the best car dv in hn ko?

  5. First time booking did not trouble

  6. My family first came to Hanoi to play, looking online for the keyword Limousine Hanoi to rent a car to the Northwest. Luckily this time I rented a car with Ms. Duoc, and working with her was quick and easy, the quality of the car provided by her is also standard and clean. Drivers who are knowledgeable about street locations should buy 1 and get 2.

  7. Happy businesses and see you soon on the new tour

  8. Should choose Dcar for Northwest trip.

  9. I feel very comfortable when I book a car with Ms Duoc because of the cheap price and caring advice to customers I will definitely continue to book.

  10. Dcar dep. 2018 Rat moi

  11. My family asked Phuong to provide Dcar service for us to go to Do Son. Pick up the car on time clean. Driving is very pleasant. I will ask Phuong's friend next time

  12. Thank you for driving Dung and Running

  13. During my recent trip to the central region, I used my friend's car to ride a good car. Thanks Du and Dung, please drive. Hope to see you soon cafe

  14. Should choose to go Dcar for groups of less than 9 people

  15. This is the first time my family has hired a Limousine in Hanoi, traveling for 6 hours on the car feels comfortable, sleeping, listening to music, feeling safe. The price of a car rental package with you is also softer than other units.

  16. I think I should choose Dcar for family outings!

  17. Smooth operation. Always punctual and helpful. Very helpful office. Massage chair, phone, air conditioner, WiFi gr8t