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Your notebook when rent Dcar Limousine | Hanoi Limousine Service

Currently, families and friends can, when possible, rent a van/minubus Limousine with Dcar Limousine and Fuso Limousine for holidays, travel, business and leadership transfers, VIP Partners rather than using family facilities for the trip. Go away. It is to be proactive and comfortable, to be able to go anywhere shopping, sightseeing, at any time you like and be safe.


Dear Sir and Madam,

I wish you met many good things, everything as expected.

On behalf of Asia Transport Limousine, I would like to share some information to know when you need to rent a car Dcar Limousine and Fuso Limousine in Hanoi and Bac Ninh.


This is an extremely luxurious car with even more luxury. The price of vab rental Dcar Limousine is also extremely reasonable, so it has become a wise choice for many businesses when they want to please their leaders as well as satisfy them. Partners or customers.


But if you want a complete ride, you need to pay attention to the points after renting a car Dcar Limousine and Fuso Limousine to get the right car and can enjoy the maximum level at a minimum cost.

❌1 - Number of seats in the car Dcar Limousine & Fuso Limousine

Dcar Limousine: includes 9 seats (if driving, 10) is aimed at customers who need comfort and class for trips. With high-end gadgets on the car such as 32-inch widescreen screen, premium leather seats, USB charging port, there are Dcar Limousine types without seats & massage chairs .... surely will help you feel comfortable and relax for the long journey. If Vietnamese people will sit 9 guests, European, American, Australian guests will sit 7 guests, have enough luggage compartments for guests if using medium and small suitcases.


Fuso Limousine: includes 18 seats (if driving, 19) is aimed at customers who need comfort and class for trips. With high-end gadgets on the car such as 32-inch wide screen, premium leather seats, USB charging port, .... surely will help you feel comfortable and relax for the long journey. If Vietnamese people will sit 18 guests, European, American and Australian guests will be able to sit for 12 guests, with enough luggage compartments for guests if they use medium suitcases.


❌2 - Place for luggage and furniture

You can not only bring along a trip to the valise, but also carry food, water and gifts for relatives. You can also buy things at the destination, so the luggage section will usually be more than the leg. So consider carrying enough luggage to fit the luggage compartment.


❌3 - Special facilities and requirements

Vehicles are equipped with many utilities for work such as 3G, Charger (USB port), Power socket, ... With high-end utilities on the car such as 32-inch widescreen, high-class leather seats, there are types Dcar Limousine cars without seats & massage chairs ... You might also like to look outside the car more to see the roadside scenery and stop taking photos, and connecting to the Internet to share with The raft of moments of the trip is now an indispensable need.


If you have a special request such as bringing a pet with you when traveling, you must also consult whether the car owner accepts it or not.


❌4 - Car rental Dcar Limousine & Fuso Limousine

Compare the prices of the different cars to find the best price. You should look at the information pages of many cars/ Van/ Minibus to get a quote, instead of contacting each individual garage.


-Need to provide the itinerary, departure date, number of guests, pick-up and drop-off points.

-Don't forget to check what the quotation includes:

VAT, group driver accommodation or self-sufficiency, with tolls, highways, limited hours to use the car. Be clear and cautious, because you can rent a car with a rental price that looks very cheap but at the end of the trip, you have to pay a cheap amount of money because you have to charge additional expenses on the way.

Requesting to send photos of vehicles via Zalo or Imessenger, if you go to the festival, you can ask for a nice number of sea cars such as tail 88, for example, if you are carrying foreign tourists without guides, you need to know a driver English or executive English can help them communicate between guests and drivers in case of need over the phone

❌5 - Confirmation of Dcar Limousine & Fuso Limousine

Before going 1 day, if the owner or driver has not made a phone call to confirm with you, you should actively call them to make sure there is no mistake or mistake about the delivery time. Because the good thing happens in high season like Tet Holiday is the garage does not have a car for you to rent, but it does not tell you, even if you make a deposit.


When the car arrives, check whether it is the right car as you set it. If any points do not match the requirements, you must immediately report to the owner and suggest changes.


❌6 - Deposit and Payments

Deposit will be from 30% of the rental value of the car, after being confirmed by email, or signing a contract at the company or at the address of the garage.


The rest is paid after the end of the journey.

❌ If you need advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please contact the hotline: Vietnamese: 0902035595 (Zalo) or English: 0899162338 (Zalo, whatsapp) Email: to receive savings immediately.

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