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Van Limousine Service 99% customers vote 5* | Asia Transport

Welcome to Asia Transport - Hanoi Transfer Company to enjoy car rental service!


More than 100 customers who have used Asia Transport Limousine rental service have scored the highest for the service quality of the company.

Asia Transport Company specializes in Limousine car rental in Hanoi, 99% of customers voted '5 stars'

Nearly 5 years of operation in the field of transport, Asia Transport Company organized the operation for vehicles for nearly 2000 Vietnamese and foreign visitors to the northern provinces including work, tourism and golf from Australia and France. , USA, Canada and Europe.

To improve, improve service quality, companies have accounts on Tripadvisor, google place, facebook allow customers to comment and comment after each journey.


On the Fanpage, Tripadvisor, Google Place, the company received a rating of 4.9 / 5 on tour quality. The results are based on the evaluation of more than 1,000 customers who have been traveling with the company during their travels.

According to Mr Kem, the director of a Singpore company representative in Vietnam said:

"Excellent service and great staff"

I have worked with Fiona at Dcar Limousine Car Rental to set up three trips to and from Hanoi - Ha Long and Ninh Binh during our stay. She and the drivers are very standard and professional. In fact, on one of our trips, a tour bus bumped into our car while out of the airport parking lot, and Fiona quickly dispatched a new car to pick us up within 5 minute! Now that is impressive. Very recommended. Will use your service again. ".

According to Mr Windy, representative of Hanoi Photo Tour company, foreign tourists said

"I have used the service in May! Hello, Phuong, after a long trip, although Hanoi is very hot, but I see in the car which is hot, it looks like the air conditioner is too good, the highway has the edge that we sleep very well, if you want to expand to Ho Chi Minh market! If you do business in Dcar limousine there, please quote for us, we will definitely support you enthusiastically! Hanoi photography tours with windy very pleased about the trip. "


Ms. Duoc Nguyen - Fiona said: "Each customer comment is the driving force for the development of the company with the desire to conquer the passion of tourists. In the near future, the company continues to import more. New lines of new 2019 Limousine Van Hire will be new for customers to have more choices, and continuously improve the quality of domestic and foreign driving service. "

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