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19 Days Travel Through Vietnam From North To South By Private Van & Car Service

Travel through Vietnam by road is a long journey that any tourist wants to make, because it is extremely time consuming, money and equally dangerous but completing the trip will help you to experience a lot of new things. all over the land of the S. Asia Transport strip of land would like to introduce the road from Hanoi to Saigon - Hanoi by means of safe, comfortable and luxurious vehicles by from 2019 above.

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Day 1-2: Hanoi - Nam Dinh - Ninh Binh


In the capital, it is necessary to equip yourself with the necessary information about Hanoi to experience the fun days here really meaningful before coming here.


From Hanoi to Ninh Binh, you can go to Nam Dinh to visit the magnificent Catholic structures, feats, beautiful designs on a large scale.


Ninh Binh - the first province in the North that you set foot in will give you a true experience in Tam Coc, Bich Dong, Hang Dance, Trang An and Bai Dinh pagodas. This place is extremely attractive to visitors at home and abroad, such as "Ha Long on land" by the charming landscape of the winding river, ripe gold carpet, identical mountains ...


Day 3-7: Ninh Binh - Thanh Hoa - Vinh - Quang Binh - Hue (610km)


Visit Thanh Hoa to buy some spring rolls as gifts and go to Sam Son, Hai Tien or Hai Hoa - beautiful beaches of Thanh, Next, you can visit Vinh to try the famous eel soup.


Quang Binh attracts visitors with the Phong Nha - Ke Bang cave system, and you can also visit Vung Chua to burn incense at the tomb of General Vo Nguyen Giap to pay tribute to the national hero, Nhat Le desert. Profile suitable for those who seek peaceful place.


Day 8-12: Hue - Da Nang - Quy Nhon - Tuy Hoa (500km)


If you have fallen in love with the purple shirt of Hue girls, you will surely love the scenery of this quiet old capital. The mossy roofs, magnificent royal palaces, ancient kings' tombs, inner city of Hue ... are all tinged with time and oldness, but they bring deep souls to the soul.


Da Nang - the center of the Central region is also "the most livable city in Vietnam" certainly does not disappoint. Danang Beach is not inferior to any beach in Vietnam, Da Nang's service is quite good, Danang citizens are extremely friendly and kind, making anyone who wants to stay here want to stay.


Coming to Quy Nhon, do not forget to visit Cham Banh It, Thap Doi, Rang Rang Sa, rapids of the poet Han Mac Tu, visit Thi Nai lagoon with the longest bridge across the sea in Vietnam ... or Bai Long, Bai Bang, Bai Xep, Rang beach ... are beautiful little beaches, close to the people here.


Two other coastal cities, Quy Nhon and Da Nang, possess the most beautiful beaches and islands in Vietnam. Quy Nhon, where a long sea line embraces the beautiful city, blue water beach and very empty, close to the center so you do not need to go far, but you can also enjoy struggling in the sea .


Day 13-19: Tuy Hoa - Nha Trang - Da Lat - Phan Thiet - Vung Tau - Saigon (680km)


Tuy Hoa tourist land belongs to Phu Yen province, which owns beautiful and forgotten destinations that are hard to ignore for those who are passionate about traveling to Vietnam such as: Nhan Nhan Phu Yen, Bai Xep, Tuy Hoa beach, Van Hoa Plateau, ..


Nha Trang is the above sea that owns the clear water color, stretching sandy beaches, attracting tourists from all over the year thanks to its cool geographical conditions and mild climate year-round many attractions: Ponagar Tower, Long Son Pagoda, Vinpearl, Nha Trang beach ,.


Dalat is more different, this land of thousands of flowers brings you the colors of all kinds of flowers and fruit trees. It is not natural that Da Lat flowers and fruits are popular all over the country, nature has favored Da Lat with its wonderful climate and scenery, attractive resorts suitable for all audiences.


Phan Thiet tourism has always been famous for its clear blue beaches and long sandy hills. If you are looking for a short vacation to a beautiful coastal city, Phan Thiet is the better choice.


Only about 3 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City center, with a 20km coastline, Vung Tau is one of the favorite destinations for southern visitors. Lying completely out of the mainland like a strip of land, from here, one can see the East Sea both at sunrise and at sunset. Besides the natural landscape values, Vung Tau is also a land with a long history and cultural traditions.

Come to Asia Transport to enjoy Limousine car rental service in Hanoi and Bac Ninh with high-class, luxurious, class cars, always equipped with the most comfortable amenities. In the past, limousines were always for the most successful business people or shuttle VIP staff.


Group of less than 9 passengers renting a 9-seat Limousine:
Dcar Xplus, Dcar Solati, Dcar Limousine, Autokingdom Limousine
Basic price schedule: 3,200,000 VND / day
Group less than 11 pax rent a van Dcar/Auto Kingdom Limousine 11 seats
Basic price: 3,900,000 VND / day
Group less than 18 pax rent a 18 seat Fuso Limousine
Basic price schedule: 4,200,000 VND / day
Currency: 1$ = 23,000đ

Note: for long trip please consider about your luggages, please check with Asia Transport about luggage compartment

Price includes: driving experience long distance, petrol, tolls,  driving self-sufficient accommodation

Outstanding features on the car: large modified seats, wifi, drinking water, cold towels, TV, USB charging port, massage chair (applicable to Dcar Xplus, Auto Kingdom, Dcar Solati).

Due to the influence of Covid -19, Asia Transport certainly has a discount to stimulate travel, bussiness demand, please contact to receive instant savings.

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