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"Hội An: The World's Most Affordable Tourist Destination in 2024"

Hội An is considered one of the cheapest tourist destinations in the world, according to the Global Holiday Costs Barometer published by Post Office, a leading financial company in the UK. In 2024, Hội An topped this list with basic expenses for a trip around 1.5 million Vietnamese dong, the lowest among 40 famous destinations worldwide.

Specifically, this index evaluates the costs of the 8 most basic items that tourists may need during a vacation, including a beer, a three-course meal, an evening meal, insect repellent, and sunscreen. In Hội An, the total cost for these items is 51.18 British pounds.

Compared to other destinations such as Cape Town in South Africa and Kenya, the costs in Hội An are still lower. Cape Town has a cost of 54.35 British pounds, and Kenya is 54.39 British pounds. Meanwhile, Tamarindo in Costa Rica is considered the most expensive destination, with a total cost of 158 British pounds, nearly three times that of Hội An.

The index also indicates that prices of meals, drinks, and other tourist items in Hội An have significantly decreased compared to the previous year, as well as decreased in 25 out of the 40 destinations in the ranking. This may be positive news for tourists, especially in the context of the current global economic difficulties.

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