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Where is Hai Phong? Seaside Splendor and Cultural Richness

Where is Hai Phong?

Hai Phong city is a centrally run city located in the Northeast region. Hai Phong has a coastal location and borders Quang Ninh province to the North, Hai Duong to the West, Thai Binh to the South, and borders the Gulf of Tonkin and Hainan Island to the East.

The city consists of 7 districts, 6 suburban districts and 2 island districts, with a total of 228 wards and towns.

Introduction to Hai Phong city

Hai Phong is one of the leading big cities in Vietnam, after Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Known as the largest seaport in the North, Hai Phong plays an important role in the domestic and international water, land, rail, and air transportation systems.

This city is the main gate to the sea of the capital Hanoi and the northern provinces, as well as an economic, social, information technology and security center of the North region and the whole country.

Natural conditions of Hai Phong

Hai Phong has a rich and diverse natural environment, from Cat Ba national forest to the delta of the Red River Delta. The climate here is temperate, abundant with humid heat and suitable for the development of tropical plants and animals.

In terms of culture and tourism, Hai Phong attracts tourists with beautiful spots such as Do Son beach, Cat Ba eco-tourism area, Bach Long Vi island and many other scenic spots. The city's cuisine is also diverse and rich, with many delicious dishes made from seafood that captivate people to enjoy.

Socio-economic of Hai Phong city

In total, Hai Phong is a city that plays an important role in economy, culture, and tourism in Vietnam, located in the Northeast region and has a strategic position in the transport network and economic development. of the area.

Attractions in Hai Phong

Based on visitor visits and local information, here are the top attractions in Hai Phong:

1. Hai Phong Museum

• Rating: 4.2 (354 reviews)

• Type: Museum

2. Hai Phong Opera House

• Rating: 4.7 (766 reviews)

• Type: Opera House

3. Du Hang Pagoda

• Rating: 4.5 (564 reviews)

• Type: Temple, history and architecture

4. Naval Museum

• Rating: 4.1 (172 reviews)

• Type: Military Museum

5. Lan Ha Bay

• Rating: 4.6 (437 reviews)

• Type: Beautiful bay area with high island

6. Cat Ba National Park

• Rating: 4.4 (3,067 reviews)

• Type: Rare primate sanctuary

7. Tam Ky Temple

• Rating: 4.6 (59 reviews)

• Type: Place of worship

8. Phu Xa Temple

• Rating: 4.8 (32 reviews)

• Type: Temple and architecture

9. Tien Nga Temple (Council of Fairy Gods)

• Rating: 4.6 (20 reviews)

• Type: Shrine

The above attractions have received positive reviews from visitors based on criteria such as attractiveness, cultural and historical value, as well as the overall experience at the site.

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