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The Ultimate Guide to 22-40 Seater Sleeper Bus Rentals in Hanoi - Tailored for Your Travels

🌄 🚍 Welcome to Asia Transport - Your Trusted Partner for Sleeper Bus Rental (22-40 Seats) in Hanoi -

Embark on a memorable journey with Asia Transport, your reliable choice for premium sleeper bus rentals with 22-40 seats in Hanoi.

40-Seater Sleeper Bus

We take pride in offering you unforgettable experiences on our modern and upscale sleeper buses, driven by a team of experienced drivers.

With a range of buses from 22 to 40 seats, we commit to meeting all your travel, business, or special event needs.

Rental Prices for 22-40 Seater Sleeper Buses in Hanoi

Here's a summary of our sleeper bus rental rates, focusing on the 40-seater:

In today's market, there are various types of sleeper buses, but the standout is the 40-seater, ideal for long journeys.

The rental price for this type depends on several factors:

- Brand of the Bus: Different brands offer varying qualities in terms of interior and amenities, affecting the rental cost. Generally, Limousine sleeper buses tend to have higher rental prices than standard sleeper buses.

- Rental Period: Renting during peak tourist seasons, holidays, or Tet may incur higher costs compared to regular days.

- Route: Rental prices may vary depending on the chosen route.

On average, the rental price for a 40-seater sleeper bus ranges from 40,000 VND to 45,000 VND per kilometer.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing quality, safe, and reliable sleeper bus rental services.

You can flexibly choose your travel dates and times according to your needs. Contact us now to book a bus and experience memorable and hassle-free journeys.

Benefits of Renting a 22-40 Seater Sleeper Bus for Tours, Business Trips, or Special Events

Renting a 22-40 seater sleeper bus brings numerous advantages for tours, business trips, and special events. Here are the key benefits:

High Capacity: Sleeper buses with 22-40 seats can accommodate large groups, making them suitable for tour groups, business delegations, or special events. This helps save time and transportation costs.

Comfort and Amenities: Premium sleeper buses are equipped with comfortable sleeper seats, air conditioning, entertainment systems, and internet connectivity. This provides passengers with the convenience to rest, relax, and enjoy the journey.

Safety and Reliability: 40-seater sleeper buses are regularly maintained and comply with safety regulations. This ensures that passengers are transported safely and reliably throughout the journey.

Flexibility and Variety: Rental services for 40-seater sleeper buses offer a variety of vehicle types and flexibility to customize according to customer needs. You can choose a bus that suits the number of passengers and specific requirements for the trip.

Professional Service: Providers of 40-seater sleeper buses typically have a team of experienced and professional drivers. They ensure smooth operation, on-time passenger pick-up and drop-off, and a positive service experience for customers.

In summary, renting a 40-seater sleeper bus provides benefits in terms of high capacity, amenities, safety, flexibility, and professional service.

Introduction to Sleeper Bus Rental Service in Hanoi by Asia Transport

Each bus is meticulously maintained to ensure safety and comfort for all passengers. We guarantee that our buses are always in perfect condition and comply with traffic safety regulations.

With premium service quality and a professional team, we are ready to meet all your requirements and maximize customer satisfaction.

Below is a summary of popular sleeper bus models:

1. Thaco Mobihome 41 beds: Manufactured by Thaco (Trường Hải Auto Corporation), this bus can accommodate 41 passengers. It features a comfortable design suitable for long journeys.

2. Thaco Mobihome Luxury 22 beds: A premium version of the Thaco Mobihome series, this bus has 22 sleeper beds. It offers luxurious interior design and high-end amenities, catering to the needs of travel and business groups.

3. Thaco Limousine 20 rooms: This is Thaco's premium Limousine sleeper bus with 20 sleeper beds. Equipped with modern facilities, it provides a luxurious travel experience.

4. Tracomeco Hyundai 41 beds: A collaboration between Tracomeco and Hyundai, this sleeper bus accommodates 41 beds. It combines the durability of Tracomeco with the quality of Hyundai.

5. Hyundai Tracomeco 34 beds: Another collaboration between Hyundai and Tracomeco, this bus has 34 sleeper beds. It features comfortable design and reliability.

6. Hyundai Limousine 20 luxury sleeper beds: A high-end Limousine sleeper bus by Hyundai with 20 beds. Luxurious interior design and modern amenities ensure the best travel experience for passengers.

7. Samco 41 beds: Produced by Samco Bus JSC, this bus has 41 sleeper beds. With intelligent design and amenities, it is suitable for long-distance trips and group tours.

8. Samco 34 sleeper beds: Another variant of the Samco bus, this one has 34 sleeper beds. It offers comfort and amenities for passengers throughout the journey.

Contact us now to book a sleeper bus and experience our 22-40 seat sleeper bus rental service in Hanoi, making your journey more interesting and convenient than ever.

Layout and Basic Features of Sleeper Buses

Sleeper buses are typically equipped with the following layout and features:

Layout: Sleeper buses have two tiers of sleeper beds. The upper tier can be accessed through a staircase in the middle or at the back of the bus, while the lower tier is arranged in a connected tail-style configuration. Each bed on the lower tier is often accompanied by two seats.

Size and Amenities: Sleeper beds on buses are designed to be spacious and equipped with various amenities. They include reading lights, bed linens, and comfortable mattresses. The beds are arranged in two rows facing each other with an aisle in between.

Additionally, there are regular seats at the front of the bus for passengers who prefer sitting. Air conditioning, luggage racks, and reading lights are also available for their convenience.

Facilities and Safety: Sleeper buses are equipped with various facilities and safety features. Entertainment systems with TV screens and speakers, USB charging ports for phones and mobile devices, monitoring systems, fire extinguishers, and emergency hammers are standard amenities.

All these features ensure that passengers can relax and have a safe, comfortable journey on a sleeper bus.

Promotions and Additional Services

Information about promotional programs, discounts, or special service packages for customers renting 40-seater sleeper buses.

Mention of support services such as chauffeurs, multiple pick-up/drop-off points, and specific customer requests.

Why Choose Asia Transport for Sleeper Bus Rental

Asia Transport is one of the leading transportation service companies in Vietnam, committed to providing high-quality services to customers. Quality and a professional driver team are two crucial factors.

Quality: Asia Transport ensures the quality of sleeper buses by maintaining and regularly servicing its fleet. Buses are thoroughly checked before and after each trip to ensure operational quality and safety for passengers. Equipment and amenities on the buses are also maintained and checked regularly for optimal performance.

Professional Driver Team: Asia Transport has a professionally trained and experienced driver team for sleeper buses. The company carefully selects drivers and ensures that they have the necessary skills for safe driving and providing the best customer service. Drivers have knowledge of routes and always adhere to traffic rules to ensure a smooth and safe journey.

The driver team at Asia Transport is trained with excellent communication skills, creating a comfortable and friendly environment for passengers. They assist and address any customer inquiries throughout the journey.

Asia Transport is committed to delivering high-quality service and has a professional driver team to ensure passengers have the best experience when using sleeper bus services.


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