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Hyundai Universe 45-Seater - Detailed Review, Pricing, and Advantages

Explore in Detail the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater - Design, Performance, Pricing, and Key Advantages. Read on to discover the noteworthy passenger vehicle choice for 2023.

Introducing the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater

Hyundai Universe, the flagship passenger vehicle from Hyundai, continues to assert its value and status in the automotive market. With its top-tier design, advanced features, and outstanding performance, the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater has captured the hearts of consumers.

This article will guide you through every important detail about this vehicle, from impressive technical specifications to interior and exterior design, as well as the prominent advantages it offers.

Impressive Technical Specifications

The Hyundai Universe 45-Seater can accommodate up to 45 passengers, making it an ideal choice for passenger transport services and businesses. With robust dimensions of 12,040 mm in length, 2,495 mm in width, and 3,570 mm in height, the vehicle offers ample space for both passengers and luggage.

The powerful engine of the Hyundai Universe is equipped with a turbocharged D6CK Euro IV engine with a displacement of 12,742 cc, ensuring robust and efficient operation. There are two engine versions available: Premium with 410 horsepower and 6-speed transmission, and the standard Advanced version with 380 horsepower and 5-speed transmission.

Impressive Design and Luxurious Interior

With an entirely new Monocoque design, the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater ensures stiffness and safety on every journey. This chassis enhances the body's rigidity, reduces weight, and significantly improves fuel efficiency.

Externally, the vehicle features electrically adjustable side mirrors and a reflector headlamp system to enhance safety. With large 22.5-inch tires, the Hyundai Universe exudes strength and impressiveness from every angle.

The interior of the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater is exceptionally spacious, with a wheelbase of up to 6120 mm. Premium leather seats are thoughtfully arranged to ensure passenger comfort.

Top-of-the-Line Amenities and Technology

The Hyundai Universe comes equipped with modern amenities such as a multifunction leather-wrapped steering wheel, convenient control systems, and a powerful air conditioning system. Air vents are strategically placed to ensure even distribution of cool air throughout the cabin.

The integrated infotainment system features a CD player, radio connectivity, AUX input, and high-quality audio. LED lights along the luggage rack add an extra touch of elegance to the vehicle.

Top-Notch Safety

Safety is always a top priority for Hyundai Universe. The advanced dual-line air brake system ensures better braking performance and saves on brake maintenance costs. The ABS system helps drivers maintain control in various situations.

Pricing and Equipment Options

Pricing and Equipment Options

The Hyundai Universe offers various pricing and equipment options. Below is a detailed price list:

  • Universe Advance: 3,200,000,000 VND

  • Universe Advance Limousine Skybus: 3,800,000,000 VND

  • Universe Advance Full: 3,295,000,000 VND

  • Universe Premium: 3,390,000,000 VND

  • Universe Premium Full: 3,490,000,000 VND

Hyundai also offers financing support of up to 80%, making it easy for you to own the vehicle of your choice.

Exquisite Exterior of the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater

The exterior of the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater exudes class and strength. The refined front face, with a large grille at the center, serves as a focal point, aiding engine cooling and adding to the vehicle's robust appearance.

The expansive front windshield provides the driver with optimal visibility for safe driving. The bright Halogen headlights and wide fog lights enhance control, especially in mountainous terrain and challenging weather conditions..

Spacious Passenger Compartment

The passenger compartment of the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater is designed to be remarkably spacious, ensuring passenger comfort. The seating system is well-arranged, with two rows of seats on each side and an aisle in the middle for easy passenger movement.

Each passenger seat is equipped with individual seatbelts, ensuring absolute safety during travel. Additionally, the vehicle includes two luggage racks running along its length, providing extra space for passengers' personal belongings.

Stable Suspension System

The suspension system of the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater is designed to ensure stable operation on both flat roads and inclines. This system allows for smooth movement on various terrains, providing a comfortable experience for passengers and increasing the durability of components.

In summary, the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater is not just a premium large passenger vehicle but also a symbol of safety, performance, and convenience. Equipped with advanced features and amenities, this vehicle has conquered not only the automotive market but also the hearts of consumers.

If you are looking for an impressive passenger vehicle for your business or passenger transport service, the Hyundai Universe 45-Seater is definitely worth considering in 2023.


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