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Discovering Cao Bang: Home to the Stunning Na Tenh Pass with 20 Breathtaking Bends

Cao Bang, a province nestled in the northeastern part of Vietnam, is famous for its scenic mountain passes.

Among these, the Na Tenh Pass, boasting 20 beautiful bends, stands out. Although less renowned than other passes like the 15-tier Khau Cốc Chà, it offers a unique and thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts.

The Hidden Gem: Na Tenh Pass

Situated on the same route as Khau Cốc Chà, Na Tenh Pass is located in Cần Nông commune, Hà Quảng district, Cao Bang. This segment of the road winds through stunning bends, yet it remains a hidden gem known to only a few.

A Chance Encounter: Adding Na Tenh Pass to the Itinerary

When Lê Thanh Bình from Hanoi was planning his late-September motorcycle adventure, he serendipitously discovered Na Tenh Pass through a navigation app. Without hesitation, he decided to include it in his list of destinations.

Unique Charms of Na Tenh Pass

Na Tenh Pass distinguishes itself from Khau Cốc Chà with its gentler slopes and meandering, ribbon-like road. The bends are not excessively sharp, and the surrounding landscape is a vibrant tapestry of terraced rice fields, lush cornfields, and traditional villages.

Perfect for Two-Wheel Adventures

Na Tenh Pass is ideal for cycling and motorbike excursions. While it doesn't demand strenuous effort, careful driving is essential, especially when descending, due to the precise control required through its numerous bends.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to explore Na Tenh Pass is around September and October when the terraced fields beneath the pass turn into a vivid, golden wonderland. Alternatively, you can visit between May and July to revel in the lush greenery of cornfields.

A Diverse Adventure: Combine Na Tenh and Khau Cốc Chà Passes

For those seeking an even more diverse adventure, consider visiting Khau Cốc Chà Pass, another challenging and perilous mountain pass located on the same route. It promises a multifaceted journey of exploration.

How to get here

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