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Discover the Historic Củ Chi Tunnels Through Enthralling Night Tours

Củ Chi Tunnels Introduces Night Tour

In March, the Củ Chi Tunnels unveils its night tour, offering visitors the opportunity to explore and experience the nighttime activities of the people living in the liberated areas during the 1960s.

According to the management of the Củ Chi Tunnels historical site, the night tour is designed to enhance the visitor experience by allowing them to explore the tunnels under the cover of darkness.

This activity aims to transport visitors back in time to the years 1961-1964, providing insights into the nightly lives of the inhabitants of Củ Chi during the liberation period.

This period follows the 1960s uprising, during which the U.S. implemented the "special war" strategy with intense attacks carried out by proxy forces, while American troops served as advisors.

The people of Củ Chi during this period were united in the spirit of the nation, maintaining optimism, trust, and actively participating in the revolutionary movement. Through this program, it contributes to educating patriotism among the younger generations of Vietnam.

The night tour at the Củ Chi Tunnels showcases moonlit scenes, recreating the nighttime activities of the people living in the liberated areas, including tunnel excavation, weaving under the moonlight, youth enlisting to fight the enemy, rice milling, husking, courtship rituals on the fields, market gatherings, and cultural performances for soldiers, guerillas, and civilians amidst the sounds of bombs, gunfire, and enemy aircraft.

The evening tour program runs from 18:00 to 20:40 and is divided into two main parts. From 18:00 to 18:50, visitors can watch a sand table model and a 3D film reenacting the Battle of Cedar Falls in 1967. From 19:30 to 20:30, visitors will enjoy an art program themed "Moonlit Battlefield." In March, the program takes place on the 18th, 22nd, and 25th, with tickets priced at 399,000 VND.

A representative from the Củ Chi Tunnels Historical Site stated that this new program aims to attract and meet the increasing demand for tours by visitors. The program currently only has scheduled dates in March, but it is expected to be expanded and offer regular ticket sales every month.

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