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Capella Hanoi: Reigning Supreme as Vietnam's Premier City Hotel

Capella Hanoi, a masterpiece by architect Bill Bensley and Sun Group, has been recently hailed by the prestigious DestinAsian magazine as the leading hotel in the top 10 'Best City Hotels in Vietnam'.

In the framework of this list, Capella Hanoi has remarkably secured the highest position. In 2021, Capella Hanoi was also listed in DestinAsian's The Luxe List.

According to DestinAsian's experts, the hallmark of an exceptional hotel lies in perfect design coupled with elevated amenities. It should offer guests fresh perspectives on familiar surroundings. Capella Hanoi emerges as the perfect choice for the top spot in the 'Best City Hotels in Vietnam' list.

Situated at 11 Le Phung Hieu, on one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi, the first boutique hotel by Sun Group features unique Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture, reminiscent of a luxurious inn for artists and renowned composers during the golden age of Opera music in the 1920s.

This is also the first hotel in Vietnam operated by the Capella brand, designed by architect Bill Bensley, the mastermind behind Capella Ubud Bali, which won the World's Best Hotel award in 2020.

Notably, all 47 rooms of the hotel are named after famous actors, singers, playwrights, and timeless Opera performances like Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse, Lina Cavalieri, or enduring operas like Madama Butterfly, Turando, Scheherazade, evoking the grandeur of this aristocratic art form. Each room boasts a collection of artworks or artifacts themed around its namesake, immersing guests in a miniature museum in the heart of the capital.

Aside from its distinctive architecture, one of the highlights of Capella Hanoi is its unique and diverse culinary styles.

In the inaugural Michelin Guide announcement in Hanoi, Capella Hanoi not only became the only hotel in Vietnam with a 1-star Michelin restaurant - Hibana by Koki (serving Japanese Teppanyaki cuisine), but also had two other restaurants honored in the Michelin Selected list (restaurants recommended by Michelin) including Backstage (serving authentic Northern Vietnamese cuisine) and Izakaya by Koki (offering diverse Japanese Izakaya-style cuisine).

Subsequently, in July, the renowned American news agency CNN listed Capella Hanoi with Hibana by Koki among the top 20 hotels with the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

According to experts, it's very rare for a hotel restaurant to achieve a Michelin star, so Hibana by Koki achieving this feat just three years after opening is truly remarkable.

Since its official launch, the luxurious boutique hotel by Sun Group has continuously been honored by international award organizations and media. In early June 2023, Travel + Leisure announced Capella Hanoi as the best city hotel in Vietnam.

The World Travel Awards for Asia 2022 honored Capella Hanoi as the "Leading Luxury Boutique Hotel in Asia", and shortly after, the New York Times praised the hotel as one of the 10 most outstanding new hotels in Asia.

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