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What about 7-seater car rental service in Hanoi, Vietnam at Asia Transport ?

Đã cập nhật: 26 thg 5, 2023

The increasing travel demand of customers using 7-seater car rental services. However, on the market in Hanoi, it s not easy for you to find a company that provides a reputable 7-seater car rental service that you can trust to choose for the first time.

A suggestion for you when you need to rent a 7-seater car is Asia Transport. The unit scores points with customers not only because of the quality of Van Limousine from 2019 and 7-seater cars from 2021, but also because of competitive price, along with a team of young and enthusiastic drivers.

How is the grow up of 7-seat car rental service in Vietnam market?

In 2022, the demand for travel is increasing to serve different purposes such as weddings, tourism, business trips, golf and VIP guests.

However, not everyone has the conditions to buy a car with a large number of seats to go with family and friends,... That's why 7-seater car rental services are increasingly developing with many different models of cars. car companies such as from Japan, Korea, the US to meet the travel needs of customers.

Asia Transport provides 7-seat car rental service with driver depending on the number of people participating in the trip, you can rent different car models like Xpander, Veloz, Sedona, Carnival.. if the number is larger than 6 people you can choose to upgrade to Limousine line from 9 seats.

The development of 7-seater car rental services from medium to high-class has made people's movement much easier, safer and more convenient than, and experience luxury services. Especially, if you choose a reputable 7-seat car rental service provider, you will have the opportunity to receive many more packages of incentives and promotions to save costs for your customers. his trips.

It is also because of the great advantages that the 7-seat car rental service brings that has made this market increasingly bustling and popular with many people today. More and more 7-seat car rental units in Hanoi and many provinces are opened.

Check out the current 7-seater car rental price

Asia Transport would like to send you a price list of 7-seater car rentals ranging from affordable cars like Xpander, Veloz, to more advanced cars like Sedona or Carnival.

Asia Transport will be the address that gives a good price so that you can trust to use the service.

Why don't you try the 7-seater Car Rental service at Asia Transport

The development of 7-seat car rental service at Asia Transport has effectively met the travel needs of everyone in and out of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. The unit is confident to be the address that provides quality, good price 7-seat car rental service by owning a team of enthusiastic and friendly service staff and highly experienced drivers who always drive carefully. and responsible.

Currently, Asia Transport supports free consultation by professional staff, helping you to come up with the most economical transportation solution.

Please contact ☎ - +84899162338 or Whatsapp to receive immediate savings.

Advantages of 7-seat car rental service for your trips

- A 7-seater car with a small size will be a suitable choice for a small group of people, so less than 5 people

- Use 7-seat car suitable for short trips in Hanoi city

- Car rental prices have many levels that will suit the economy and needs of customers.

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Eco Smart City Cổ Linh
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Eco Smart City Cổ Linh
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What we need to do if book a car ?


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Eco Smart City Cổ Linh
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Does car rental include driver?

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