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Where is Ta Chi Nhu? "Ta Chi Nhu: Conquering the Heights of Tranquil Majesty"

"As a travel expert, let me introduce you to the enchanting world of Tà Chì Nhù, a mountain peak standing proudly at an elevation of 2,979 meters in Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. Despite its harsh climate, Tà Chì Nhù becomes an ideal destination for cloud chasing on clear days.

Known as Phu Song Sung among the Thai ethnic group or Chung Chua Nha in the language of the Mong people, Tà Chì Nhù is part of the Pú Luông mountain range within the Hoang Lien Son range.

Currently ranked as the 6th highest mountain in Vietnam, Tà Chì Nhù is often likened to an ocean above the clouds, attracting photography enthusiasts and avid trekkers alike.

To reach the summit of Tà Chì Nhù from Hanoi, the journey takes you through Nghia Lo, Tram Tau, and into the Xa Ho village. From the village center, an additional 6-7 km drive is required before embarking on the challenging mountain ascent.

While Tà Chì Nhù is lower than Fansipan, the trek to the summit in Yen Bai province is exponentially more difficult.

The trail leading to the summit is practically solitary and demanding, at times feeling like a walk on the spine of the mountain.

The journey begins with dense fog enveloping the base of the mountain, making it challenging for climbers who navigate through the mist. As you ascend, the wind intensifies, requiring individuals to crouch down to avoid its forceful gusts.

The steep climb to the top, with minimal resting points, can be discouraging, but those who persevere will be rewarded with the opportunity to witness the most beautiful moments above the clouds during sunset and sunrise if they camp at an altitude above 2,000 meters.

The exhaustion and labored breaths accompany you with each step, surrounded by ancient forest on either side. However, upon exiting the primeval forest, a bamboo forest with its green leaves and yellowish trunks awaits, blending with the mist and encouraging you on your conquering journey.

While the base of the mountain is shrouded in mist, the high altitude offers a spectacle of hills covered with grass, resembling a vast prairie with hues of green, purple, and white extending into the distance. Occasionally, a group of horses may appear, giving the illusion of being lost in a nomad's plain.

As you ascend, the clouds multiply, not in the form of dense fog, but as scattered white clouds, delicately swirling around the mountain peak. Under the morning sun, the clouds take on a captivating pink hue. A little further, you'll encounter buffalo and cattle grazing, seamlessly blending with the vibrant scenery.

Your hurried steps seem to chase the floating clouds above, and upon turning around, a sea of clouds is left behind while the Tà Chì Nhù summit stands proudly before you.

The rolling hills appear like islands amidst the billowing white clouds. Tà Chì Nhù island is in the foreground, followed by Tà Y Cho island to the left, and Tà Xua island, with the distant Phu Sung Song archipelago completing the surreal backdrop.

Perhaps, you've never felt the sky and clouds so close, as if you could reach out and touch them. The clouds at this moment are not above but at eye level, sometimes forming thin, soft ribbons, while at other times, they resemble fluffy, white cotton candy.

Following the sun's path, the clouds emerge distinctly, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle.

The best time to conquer Tà Chì Nhù is during the early days of winter when the weather is mild, and the gentle breeze aids in an easier ascent.

The greenery and the immaculate white clouds make for a picturesque setting. If time is limited, a day and a half should suffice. Remember to bring camping equipment, food, and drinks (there are streams for water along the way) for an unforgettable overnight camping experience."

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