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Discover Top 12 the Finest Golf Courses near Hanoi - Must-Visit Destinations

Golf is no longer an unfamiliar sport in modern times; it has become a favorite among the "elite" due to its distinctiveness and challenging nature.

Nevertheless, locating a golf course that caters to all players' needs is far from simple.

Below, we present 12 golf courses near Hanoi, providing golfers with ideal venues for both practice and competition.

1. EPGA Ecopark Golf Course

The EPGA Golf Course belongs to the EPGA Academy (Els Performance Golf Academy) named after world golf legend Ernie Els.

The location is adjacent to Ecopark Grand - The Island, 13 km from the center of Hanoi. This is the closest golf course to Hanoi and an ideal address for golfers.

EPGA golf course has 9 holes, comes with green landscape between large lakes and sandy beaches, along with high-class facilities and 5-star service.

2. Long Bien Golf Course

Located at Regiment Area 918, Long Bien District, Hanoi. This golf course has 27 holes and operates 24/24, serving the needs of all golf players.

Each course is designed according to different levels of difficulty, creating challenges for players.

The lighting system along with electric carts running around the golf course ensures the best practice space for golfers.

3. Van Tri Golf Course

Convenient location, 20 km from the city center. Van Tri golf course has 18 holes designed by Peter Rousseau, providing a place to challenge yourself for golfers.

The golf holes are designed to be seamless and without end, creating many challenges and interesting parts for players.

Tel: 024 2217 1600

4. Kings' Island Golf Course

Located in Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi, Kings' Island Golf covers an area of 350 hectares of land and 1,500 hectares of lake. This golf course has 2 courses: Lakeside and Mountain View.

The Lakeside yard is close to the lake and the Mountain View field is surrounded by majestic mountains, creating a beautiful setting. The golf holes are designed differently, bringing many challenges to players.

5. Hanoi Golf Course (Hanoi Golf Club)

Hanoi Golf Course - Hanoi Golf Club - Minh Tri golf course (HGC) is located in Minh Tri commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi.

There are 27 golf holes and lighting system for evening golf activities. The course is designed with wide lawns, lightly rippled, and comes with a tram system to help players move easily through the lines when playing golf.

6. Legend Hill Golf Course

Legend Hill golf course was designed by Nicklaus Design and located at BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort, Soc Son, Hanoi.

This golf course has 18 holes with a special design of "twin greens", providing attractive experiences for players. In addition to the golf course, at Legend Hill Golf Resort, there are many facilities such as motels, hotels, restaurants,

7. Phoenix Golf Resort

Address: Phoenix Golf Resort, Dai Lai, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc.

Phoenix Golf Resort is located about 40 km from the center of Hanoi, located in the beautiful hilly area of Dai Lai and next to the splendid Dai Lai Lake. Designed by Ron Fream - a famous golf architect, Phoenix Golf Resort is located in a large land with a total area of more than 300 hectares.

The golf course is divided into two parts, including 36 holes with floating course and platform. The natural design of this golf course is in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for golfers.

Phoenix Golf Resort's floating course is located on a small peninsula in the middle of Dai Lai Lake, creating a beautiful and majestic picture of nature.

The unique feature of this course is that the holes are surrounded by a lake, requiring players to be very skillful and precise to put the ball into the hole. The feeling of hitting the ball on a floating court is an unforgettable and challenging experience.

Phoenix Golf Resort also fully meets high-quality facilities and services such as a luxurious lounge area, a restaurant serving international dishes and local specialties, a practice area, a professional golf classroom and a door. golf goods.

Coming to Phoenix Golf Resort, golfers can not only express their passion for golf but also enjoy

great natural beauty and enjoy relaxing moments after stressful working hours.

8. Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club Golf Course

Address: Lot CN1, Hi-Tech Park, Tan Duong Commune, Ba Vi District, Hanoi.

Located about 60 km west of Hanoi center, Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is one of the most beautiful and quality golf courses in the North of Vietnam.

The golf course was designed by architect Schmidt-Curley from the US and is considered one of the most beautiful parkland-style golf courses in Asia.

Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is located in a large land with a total area of more than 300 hectares, including two 18-hole golf courses called Rua Dau and Lua.

Ruong Dau golf course offers the feeling of playing golf in the midst of a royal garden with many ancient trees and rich terrain features. Meanwhile, Lua Lua golf course stands out with good fairway grass and holes that require precision and skill of players.

Not only a top golf destination, Sky Lake Resort is also a luxury resort with many facilities such as luxury hotels, resort areas, restaurants, swimming pools and amusement parks. This creates the ideal conditions for golfers and families to relax and enjoy the experience.

With majestic natural landscape and professional design, Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is a great choice for those who love golf and want to enjoy a peaceful natural space in the heart of noisy Hanoi. and bustling.

Thus, here are some famous and classy golf courses in Hanoi and surrounding areas. Each golf course has its own character and promises to bring memorable golf experiences to golfers of all levels. Get your clubs ready and check out these amazing golf courses in Hanoi!

9. Golf Dai Lai

Address: Km68, National Highway 32, Bai Duong Commune, Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc.

Dai Lai Golf Course is renowned as one of the top golf courses in Vinh Phuc. The natural scenery with refreshing water lakes and lush green fairways makes it a beloved destination for golfers.

Let's delve into some details about the location and unique features of this golf course through the following information.

10. Sam Sơn FLC Golf

Address: FLC Sam Son eco-tourism urban area, Sam Son city, Thanh Hoa province.

Located in FLC Sam Son eco-tourism urban area - a famous coastal resort in the Central region, FLC Sam Son golf course is one of the beautiful and modern golf destinations in this area.

This golf course was designed by architect Brian Curley, ensuring that it fully meets international standards for a professional golf course.

With 18 holes of golf delicately built and making perfect use of the beauty of the surrounding Sam Son beach, golfers will enjoy not only the ultimate golfing experience but also the cool and attractive sea air. .

In addition to the golf course, FLC Sam Son eco-tourism urban area also has many entertainment activities and high-class services such as hotels, restaurants, spas, swimming pools, and playgrounds for children. This creates favorable conditions for golfers and their families to have relaxing and memorable vacations.

11. Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort

Wonderland is located in the suburban area, next to Thanh Lanh lake, in Trung My commune, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province. Only 50 minutes from the center of Hanoi, this is a great resort complex.

With a beauty like a fairy-tale scene, Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort presents the perfect harmony between nature and creative architecture.

The green grass, immense stretching, blends with the clear lake next to the beautiful 18-hole golf course, creating a poetic and romantic space. Looking far away, the mountains bend in the fanciful mist, creating a beautiful and captivating picture.

Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort is not only a paradise for passionate golfers, but also an ideal place for family and friends to relax, enjoy peaceful and complete moments with nature. With high-class facilities and services, this resort offers an authentic experience for every guest.

12. FLC Ha Long Bay Golf & Luxury Resort

FLC Ha Long Bay Golf & Luxury Resort is located in an extremely impressive and unique "sea view" setting in Ha Long city, promising to bring beautiful views for golfers to try here. .

Designed by Schmidt-Curley Design, the course is 6900 yards long and Par 71. The main feature of the course is its frequently changing slope, which requires players to make precise shots to achieve success. .

Along with that, the spacious fairway and the presence of many bunkers around the course will create attractive challenges, increasing the difficulty of the match.

FLC Ha Long Bay Golf & Luxury Resort will definitely be the ideal place for golfers to relax and challenge themselves with great golf emotions.

Whether you are a sports lover or simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort will be the ideal destination to enjoy a peaceful space, in harmony with nature and satisfying pleasures. Passionate about golf at the same time.

Thus, Hanoi and the surrounding areas have many quality and beautiful golf courses

level for golfers to experience their passion. From the forests covered at BRG Kings Island Golf Resort, the harmony with nature at Phoenix Golf Resort, to the unspoiled beauty at Flamingo Dai Lai golf course and the modern features at Sam Son FLC golf course, All are worth exploring and igniting the golf passion in your heart. Wish you have many hours of fun and successful golf!

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