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Review Tà Xùa in Summer: A Hidden Gem for Nature Lovers

Tà Xùa, a mountainous region in Vietnam, is a breathtaking destination that truly comes alive in the summer. 

With lush greenery, cool temperatures, and stunning sea of clouds, it's a paradise for those seeking an escape from the city heat.

Getting There & Around

I opted for a hassle-free limousine ride from Hanoi to Tà Xùa, costing 600k VND for a round trip. The limousine picked us up at Big C Thăng Long at 9:30 PM and dropped us off at our homestay at 12:30 PM. For exploring Tà Xùa, renting a motorbike for 200k VND per day is the way to go.

Where to Stay

  • Nhà của An: This mountaintop homestay offers stunning valley views and friendly staff. The rooms are basic but comfortable, with private bathrooms and essential amenities.

  • Pơ Mu Homestay: Located in the heart of Tà Xùa, this homestay boasts a charming garden setting and cozy wooden cabins. The staff, mostly locals, are quiet but incredibly helpful.

Must-Visit Cafes

Tà Xùa is a haven for coffee lovers, with numerous cafes offering breathtaking views and delicious drinks. Some of my favorites include:

  • Nhà của An Coffee: Located on the Windy Peak, this café offers stunning valley views and simple yet satisfying snacks.

  • Hiên Coffee: Right next to Nhà của An, this café boasts a newly renovated garden with colorful flowers and a cozy atmosphere.

  • Mị ơi Coffee: Also on Windy Peak, this café serves delicious golden lotus tea and has a relaxing ambiance.

  • Cà phê Nhà Hmong: Situated in the central area, this café is known for its unique drinks and friendly staff.

  • Thảo Coffee: A popular spot with great views, but be prepared for crowds.

  • Bản Coffee: Located 14km from the center, this café offers panoramic views of the Dinosaur Backbone and is famous for its delicious instant noodles.

Other Attractions

  • Pơ Mu Homestay: The homestay itself is a picturesque spot for photos.

  • Thảo Nguyên Tà Xùa: This grassland area offers fun activities and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

  • Mỏm Cá Heo (Dolphin's Nose): A unique rock formation resembling a dolphin's head.

  • Thác Khủng Long (Dinosaur Waterfall): A refreshing natural wonder located near the Háng Đồng hydropower plant.

  • Xím Vàng Terraced Fields: A picturesque landscape, especially during the green rice season.

Food & Drinks

  • Nhà hàng A Phủ: My go-to spot for delicious local dishes like fish noodle soup and roasted duck.

  • Bếp Tấm: A small eatery offering affordable set meals and hot pot options.

  • Nhà hàng Hmong: Specializes in hot pot dishes, particularly sturgeon and salmon.

Personal Thoughts

Tà Xùa in summer is a perfect escape for families with children and young freelancers seeking a change of scenery. The weather is pleasantly cool, ranging from 18-27°C, making it a refreshing contrast to the city heat. While the food scene is not yet diverse, the simple yet delicious dishes are a highlight. The overall cost of my trip was 2460k VND per person, including accommodation, transportation, food, and drinks.


  • The gas station in Tà Xùa might be out of fuel, so it's best to fill up your tank before heading up the mountain.

  • Ask for prices before ordering food to avoid unexpected charges.

  • Consider booking a local guide to discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path attractions.

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