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2-day Itinerary to Ta Xua by Van Limousine | Asia Transpor

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The itinerary to Ta Xua 2 days by Van Limousine is a great journey to discover the unspoiled beauty of the Northwest mountains.

With this trip, you will experience the feeling of being immersed in the majestic nature, watching the beautiful landscapes and enjoying the peaceful space of Ta Xua.

2-Day Road Trip Itinerary to Ta Xua


  • Early Morning: Depart from Hanoi to Ta Xua by Limousine car. The journey will take you to the stunning Northwest mountainous region.

  • Stop and visit Thanh Son Tea Hill in Phu Tho, where you can admire the lush green landscapes of the mountains.

  • Continue the journey to Suoi Chieu Lake, where you can experience the beauty of the lake and relax at Ban Mai Resort.

  • Arrive in Bac Yen, where you will explore the Hydroelectric Lake, grassy hills, Dolphin Cape, Lang Sang River, and the Lonely Tree. The scenery here is majestic and unforgettable.

  • Enjoy the panoramic view of Ta Xua town from above, as it turns golden during sunset.


  • Morning: Visit the Dinosaur Spine at Hang Dong, where you can admire the sea of clouds and the distant mountain range of Ta Xua.

  • You can also visit Thao Coffee Ta Xua, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and admire the beauty of the surrounding hills (at your own expense).

  • Lunch: Have lunch at a local restaurant to savor the local specialties.

  • After lunch, the Limousine car will take the group back to Hanoi.

  • Evening: Arrive back in Hanoi, concluding the Ta Xua trip.

Note: The itinerary may be subject to change depending on weather conditions and adjustments from the Limousine car company.

For more information and reservations, please contact the Limousine car company directly for assistance and the latest updates.

For detailed information, please contact the hotline to receive instant cost-saving offers.

Distance from Hanoi to Ta Xua

The journey from Hanoi to Ta Xua covers a distance of approximately 201.9 km, with an estimated travel time of 4 hours and 39 minutes.

When traveling from Hanoi, you will pass through National Highway QL37 to reach your destination in Ta Xua, Bac Yen, Son La.

Although the route may vary depending on traffic conditions and road conditions, traveling by Limousine car from Asia Transport ensures a comfortable and safe journey.

With the given distance and time, you can experience an exciting trip and explore the picturesque rural mountainous beauty of Ta Xua.

Ideal Time to Visit Ta Xua

According to the experience of previous adventurers, the ideal time to visit Ta Xua is from December to March of the following year. During this period, the chances of witnessing the sea of clouds in the valley are significantly higher compared to other months.

The long, dense sea of ​​clouds and overlapping layers will bring you wonderful and exciting experiences.

Here are some attractions in Ta Xua:

  • Ta Xua Cloud Spot: A location to enjoy and hunt for clouds, with a higher cloud coverage compared to the central area of Ta Xua.

  • East Ta Xua Cloud Spot: A sightseeing spot to hunt for clouds on the eastern side of Ta Xua.

  • Ta Xua 2 Mountain: A tourist spot where you can admire beautiful landscapes.

  • Solitary Tree of Ta Xua: A characteristic spot of Ta Xua, a famous and interesting check-in point.

  • Dolphin Cape: A beautiful location to visit and enjoy the scenery in Ta Xua.

  • Samu Forest of Ta Xua: A spot where you can explore and appreciate nature.

  • Lac Da Ta Xua: A travel agency providing guided tours and exploration of attractions in Ta Xua.

  • Ban Be Village: A place that attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery and local tea in Ta Xua.

  • Ta Xua Plateau: A plateau garden located about 7km from the center of Ta Xua, near Dolphin Cape and the Solitary Tree.

Note: This information may be subject to change, so it's recommended to check specific details and locations before visiting Ta Xua for the best experience.

Here are some homestays in Ta Xua

Homestay options in Ta Xua:

  • Lu Tre Homestay: Rated 4.5 stars, providing homestay accommodation with free parking.

  • Trinh Gia Homestay: Rated 4.2 stars, offering homestay accommodation services.

  • Ta Xua May Homestay: Rated 4.1 stars, specializing in serving tourists interested in snow sliding in Ta Xua.

  • Po Mu Homestay: Rated 4.4 stars, providing homestay accommodation with free parking, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and breakfast.

  • Ta Xua Clouds Homestay: Rated 4.6 stars, offering homestay accommodation services.

Note: Homestay information may be subject to change, so it is recommended to check detailed information and make reservations before visiting Ta Xua to ensure suitable accommodation.

Here are some restaurants in Ta Xua

Restaurant options in Ta Xua:

  • H'mong Restaurant: Rated 4.7 stars, specializing in serving H'mong ethnic cuisine. Offers Dine-in, Takeout, and Delivery services.

  • Ta Xua Quan: Rated 4.2 stars, providing a variety of dishes at moderate prices. Offers Dine-in and Takeout services.

  • Nhà Sàn Quan Restaurant: Rated 4.1 stars, serving diverse dishes. Offers Dine-in and Takeout services.

  • THưởng trà Cultural Space: Tea house with a cultural ambiance, rated 5.0 stars. Offers Asian cuisine. Open all day with Dine-in service.

  • Thao A Su: Rated 5.0 stars, offering a variety of dishes. Open all day with Dine-in service.

Note: Restaurant information may be subject to change, so it is recommended to check specific information and locations before visiting Ta Xua to ensure suitable dining options.

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