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Price Rental of Kia Sedona and Carnival 7 seaters Cars for play golf from Hanoi

Đã cập nhật: 2 thg 7, 2022

On weekends, leisure travel activities - golfing sports are increasingly developing and multiplying everywhere. Interested in many businessmen, foreign VIP guests Currently, there are many different models of 7-9-seater cars that are especially popular with golf-loving customers such as Dcar Xplus, Solati, Auto Kingdom Limousine from 7 to 9 seats. Among them are the service of Sedona, Carnival Rental in Hanoi. This is one of the cars approved in the top of the most luxurious, classy and aristocratic cars.

Accompanied with quality, the price of golf car rental is an issue that customers are interested in, We invite you to Asia Transport to enjoy the high-class, luxurious, high-class 7-seater Sedona and Carnvial car service, the car is always available. Fully equipped with all amenities. Please contact Asia Transport: English: +84899162338 (Zalo, whatsapp) - Vietnamese: 0965134966 (Zalo) or to receive savings right away.

RENTAL PRICE SEDONA AND CARNIVAL TO GOLF FROM HANOI With the number of people from 5 people or less, with Sedona and Carnval vehicles, you can easily arrange enough space for 5 golf sets and space for 5 passengers.





​Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club



​BRG Legend Hill Golf Club



Tam Dao Golf & Resort



​BRG Kings Island Golf Resort



​Van Tri Golf Club



​FLC Samson Golf Links



​Heron Lake Golf Course



​Royal Golf Ninh Binh



​Phoenix Golf Resort



​Dai Lai Star Golf Country Club



  • The above prices apply to inbound and domestic customers

  • Price includes gas, oil, tolls, wifi, drinking water, driver and accommodation.

  • The price list is valid from March 21, 2021 & does not apply on holidays.

  • Carnival 7-seat car 2021 - 2022

  • 2019 Sedona, 20, 21

​You can choose Sedona and Carnival private car services for groups of less than 6 or 7 people, or Limousine 9 - 18 seaters for bigger group. Find out about Van Limousine Service.

In order to stimulate travel demand, Asia Transport certainly has a discount price to stimulate the demand for car rental Sedona, Carnival to Sapa. Please contact the hotline: English: +84899162338 (Zalo, whatsapp) - Vietnamese: 0965134966 (Zalo) - 0965744183 to receive immediate savings.

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