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Escaping the Hustle and Bustle: Tranquility at Dia Tang Phi Lai Pagoda 🏯🍃**

Life can get overwhelming, and in those moments, I seek solace at Dia Tang Phi Lai Pagoda, where the sound of a gentle bell echoes, bringing peace to the soul. ⛩🍃

Standing before the temple gates, inhaling the air, and listening to the soothing sounds, I find a sense of calm that washes over me.

Despite having seen numerous images of the pagoda before, it's only when immersed in its space that I can confidently declare it as a place of complete beauty, offering a spectrum of emotions and perspectives.

Every place I've visited carries a tinge of nostalgia, and the usual thought is to return for another glimpse. However, with Dia Tang Phi Lai, I feel compelled to make frequent visits for the sake of serenity, reflection, and self-discovery.

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the temple sees an influx of visitors, many in traditional Vietnamese "ao dai" attire. While it's heartening to see the temple gaining popularity, I hope that amidst the photoshoots and social media sharing, the sacred and tranquil ambiance of Chua Dung (its former name) is preserved.

The present name refers to Lord Dia Tang Bodhisattva, who may or may not return to this sacred ground, as it is the place where the Buddha's ashes were transformed into the earth.

Dia Tang Phi Lai impresses with its elegant and serene scenery—a convergence of heaven and earth for spiritual gatherings. The unique architecture and lush greenery are captivating, but my attention is particularly drawn to the wind chimes and the twelve circles in front of the ancestral hall symbolizing human connections.

A sign amidst these circles gently advises, "Endure suffering (as the sea) and please climb ashore," encouraging visitors to ascend the smooth stones rather than stepping on the gravel.

👉🏻 Some small notes to keep in mind when visiting the pagoda:

- Located in Ninh Trung village, Liem Son commune, Thanh Liem district, approximately 70 km from Hanoi. Taking a bus from Giap Bat seems to be a safe and convenient option.

- Avoid bringing and burning gold paper offerings within the temple premises.

- Pay attention to areas where photography is prohibited.

- Rain at the temple creates a picturesque and rare scene. There was a moment when it rained while the sun was shining brightly.

- The pagoda provides clean restrooms, resembling a hotel lobby.

Dia Tang Phi Lai Pagoda, experienced alongside Vũ Minh Tú, has left me daydreaming about the next visit, possibly next week or even at the beginning of the new year.

📸 Special thanks to Nguyễn Thu Hằng for the lovely photos and insights in the Check in Vietnam group.

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