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Where is Ha Long International Cruise Port? Explore Ha Long Bay with Us

Location and Features

Located in the center of Bai Chay tourist area, on the shores of Ha Long Bay - an enchanting natural heritage - Ha Long International Passenger Port marks a great step forward in welcoming large and modern yachts. world to visit the Bay.

The port is equipped with 06 berths, including 04 berths to welcome yachts and cruise ships, along with 01 wharf (including 02 berths) serving international passenger ships with large tonnage.

The port is located in Bai Chay area - where important tourist activities of Ha Long city are concentrated.

Location and Features

Design Ideas and Experience

Address and Contact

Ha Long International Passenger Port: A Moment of Prosperity and Exquisite

Unique Architecture - Harmonious Combination

Bringing Water Inspiration into Architecture

Design Ideas and Experience

Ha Long International Passenger Port is not only a cruise stop, but also an interesting experience for travelers who are passionate about exploration and sightseeing.

The design of the port is inspired by romantic coastal villages, bringing a peaceful and close to nature space.

Address and Contact

- **Address:** Bai Chay Moi Beach Road, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province.

- ** Distance from Sun World Ha Long Complex: ** 500m.

**Contact Info:**

- **Phone:** 0328225699

- **Email:**

- **Facebook:** [Ha Long International Passenger Port](

- **


- **International Wharf:** 470m in length, can accommodate 02 large ships at the same time (tonnage up to 225,000GT).

- **Inland Wharf:** 4 berths, 1350m long, can welcome 200-300 cruise ships and yachts to visit Ha Long Bay.

- **Terminal:** Including 3 floors, area 7,600m2.

- **International ship reception:** Equipped to welcome 02 international ships with tonnage up to 225GT.

- **Cruise ships anchored:** Capable of receiving up to 300 ships.

Come to Ha Long International Passenger Terminal to experience a whole new feeling when discovering the wonderful beauty of Ha Long Bay and Ha Long City - the home of the harmony between nature and Vietnamese culture.

Ha Long International Passenger Port: A Moment of Prosperity and Exquisite

Make a mark in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long International Passenger Port, an investment and construction project of Sun Group, proudly depicts a series of special elements, including: wharf, bridge, international marina and domestic wharf locations, passenger terminals and official buildings of the authorities.

Superior Design - Perfect Utilities

The international wharf at the port is modernly designed with a wharf of 406 meters long, including 6 anchorages; The reception hall is 130 meters wide, 30 meters long, with the ability to receive ships with a tonnage of up to 225,000 GRT, meeting the parking of 2 large ships at the same time.

Beautiful Sunset View

This place is really unique, offering a 270 degree view of Ha Long Bay.

If you come in the late afternoon, you will be captivated by the beautiful sunsets that cast their shadows over the sea and the Gulf heritage. This is the most interesting place to watch the sunset on the sea in the northern region.

Place to Stay and Explore

Inland wharf includes 4 berths, maximum capacity up to 300 cruise ships, serving routes to visit Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Gia Luan wharf (Cat Ba).

The modern floating wharf system not only ensures the safety of ships, but also creates a harmonious picture with the natural waters of Ha Long Bay.

Unique Architecture - Harmonious Combination

The architecture of the station is large, with an area of 4,500 m2 and 3 floors high, bearing the mark of the world's leading architect Bill Bensley.

From the delicate combination of Vietnamese and European cultures and the classic features of Hoi An, the station becomes a special point.

Bringing Water Inspiration into Architecture

Right in the center of the station, Bill Bensley has depicted a green space with shimmering plants and fountains, creating a relaxing highlight and creating a sense of peace after each journey. Even the rest areas are uniquely designed, making for a memorable experience when visiting.

Although operating for less than 2 years, Ha Long International Passenger Port has proved to be a reliable destination for hundreds of thousands of domestic and international tourists.


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