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Where is Sa Mu - U Bo? A Trekking Odyssey Through Enchanting Wilderness

Sa Mu is known as a trekking paradise nestled in the ancient mossy forest, adorned with pristine vegetation, creating a stunningly enchanting landscape reminiscent of scenes from the movie Avatar.

With an elevation of 2,756 meters, the summit of Sa Mu Mountain is located in the specialized forest of Ta Xua in Bac Yen, Son La, placing it among the top 15 highest peaks in Vietnam.

Sa Mu is renowned for its trekking routes through the ancient mossy forest, particularly the Sa Mu - U Bo trail, which remains exceptionally untouched. This trekking route, spanning over 2 days and 1 night, is suitable for beginners eager to immerse themselves in the art of trekking.

The scenery is breathtakingly captivating, almost surreal. For travel enthusiast Thanh Thuong, her trekking expedition to Sa Mu - U Bo was an unforgettable experience.

"This was my first trekking journey in the Northwest region. Being from Ho Chi Minh City, I did thorough research before embarking on this adventure. Sa Mu is a newly established trekking route since the end of 2022, specifically designed for beginners, and the mystical mossy forest scenery is incredibly beautiful," the young woman shared.

Reflecting on the mesmerizing natural beauty, even weeks after her return, Thanh Thuong found herself still immersed in the indescribable allure of Sa Mu's forest scenery.

"The natural beauty bestowed upon Sa Mu is simply breathtaking. It was an incredible journey where I got to fully experience and appreciate everything Sa Mu - U Bo has to offer. I felt like I was transported into the world of Avatar," expressed Thanh Thuong, who resides and works in Ho Chi Minh City.

Recalling her adventure, Thanh Thuong revealed that she opted for an independent trekking experience, spending a night in Ta Xua before being picked up by local porters the next morning.

Setting foot into the forest at precisely 10 a.m., the group embarked on their journey to conquer the summit of Sa Mu - U Bo. After approximately 3 hours of trekking through nature's wonders, they paused for lunch and a brief rest. Porters carried their backpacks and prepared meals for the travelers.

By 2 p.m., they resumed their journey, facing more challenging terrain with steep cliffs. Around 5 p.m., Thanh Thuong reached the resting camp. Due to the cold weather and thick fog, they had dinner and rested to regain their strength.

The following morning, Thanh Thuong conquered the final 2 kilometers to reach the summit of Sa Mu - U Bo. Standing at this height, she indulged in the panoramic views, captured photographs, and then began the descent.

The 18-kilometer journey back held the most value for Thanh Thuong. The enchanting moss-covered trails, along with colossal ancient trees, left her mesmerized. She witnessed the majestic beauty of the ancient mossy forest up close. Thanh Thuong descended the mountain around 5 p.m. and had dinner at the porter's house, concluding her journey.

"That trip was a temperature shock for me; while Ho Chi Minh City was at 30 degrees Celsius, the mountain's peak was at 3 degrees Celsius. The dense fog added a mystical aura, and the steep and slippery paths made the landscape even more ethereal. But the most unforgettable memory was seeing the wreckage of airplanes with my own eyes," recalled Thanh Thuong.

According to her, the decision to trek Sa Mu was spontaneous, made in a heartbeat. She grabbed her backpack and embarked on a marvelous journey.

Looking ahead, Thanh Thuong aspires to conquer Lao Than peak, drawn by the captivating sea of clouds that await her. "It's not just about conquering the peaks; it's about conquering yourself," a motto that fuels her energy, driving her to explore new heights and push beyond her comfort zone.

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