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What's the Experience Like on the Hue- Da Nang Train Journey?

In early April, I embarked on a journey from Hueto Da Nang by train, and let me assure you, the experience was captivating, with a well-planned itinerary and reasonable budgeting.

Honestly, when it comes to traveling to Huế, you don't need to read too many reviews, just pack your bags and go! 📸


- Hue to Hue Station: We (2 people) traveled by sleeper train, costing 2,331🍠 for both. Departing at 9 pm and arriving at 10 am the next day, the journey was comfortable and convenient. You can book directly on the Vietnam Railway website or via Momo.

- The train journey was quite satisfactory, with cozy blankets and comfortable mattresses, and refreshing air conditioning. However, the only downside 🚾 was a bit of luck involved.

Our train was delayed by 30 minutes due to congestion, so we had to switch compartments. It was still okay, just a bit of a wait due to the crowd.

- Hue to Da Nang: This route was voted as one of the most scenic in Vietnam, passing through the lush greenery of Lăng Cô Bay.

You can choose from regular SE trains or opt for the newly inaugurated Heritage Train. (316🍠 for 2 people)

- Da Nang to Huế: We opted for a quick flight back for efficiency. Two tickets with Vietnam Airlines cost 3,988🍠 for both.


- In Huế: We stayed at a Homestay on Cao Xuân Huy Street for 270🍠 per night. The room was clean, elegant, and well-equipped, perfectly meeting our needs after a long day of exploring. We also rented a motorbike from the Homestay for 120🍠 per day.

- In Da Nang: We chose a hotel with a sea view for 420🍠 per day.

5-Day Itinerary

My approach to exploring a city is laid-back, without rushing or trying to check off too many places. Hence, the itinerary was quite relaxed, focusing on discovering the beauty of Huế. Here's a glimpse of our itinerary:

- Day 1: Visiting landmarks like the HueNational School, Phu Văn Lâu, and Thuận An Beach. Don't miss the breathtaking sunset by the sea!

- Day 2: Exploring the Imperial City and royal tombs. It's advisable to cover these sites in a day as it can be quite exhausting. Make sure to capture some photos in traditional costumes!

- Day 3: Exploring Đông Ba Market, the Museum of Royal Antiquities, and Thiên Mụ Pagoda. The sunset at Thiên Mụ Pagoda is particularly stunning.

- Day 4: A leisurely stroll around the Imperial City before heading to Da Nang via train, and then continuing to Hội An.

- Day 5: Catching the sunrise, exploring the city center, and indulging in a food tour before returning to Hà Nội.

Where to Eat?

Here are some dining recommendations:

1. Quán ốc Truyền Nam

2. Cơm hến Hoa Đông

3. Nhà hàng Chạn

4. Thành Cafe - try their delicious salt coffee

5. Bánh canh Nam Phổ

6. Bánh ép Gia Di

7. Chè mợ Tôn Đích

I tried to follow reviews for food, but found street-side eateries bustling with locals to be the best. All in all, it was a wonderful journey filled with memorable experiences and delectable cuisine. 📸 Special thanks to Thuan Pham for the photos and sharing. #checkinvietnam #checkinhue #Hna

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