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Van, Minibus Limousine Rental Ha Long to Sapa or Return: Luxury, Comfort, and the Best Prices

Book your Limousine from Ha Long to Sapa and vice versa with top-notch luxury and comfort. Best prices, daily departures, and door-to-door service.

Van, Minibus Limousine Rental Ha Long to Sapa or Return: The Perfect Choice for Your Northwestern Journey

Traveling to Sapa has never been easier and more comfortable with our premium Ha Long to Sapa Limousine service.

Let us take you to the misty, dreamy land of Sapa with a first-class travel experience.


Experience Asia Transport's premium Limousine rental service in Hanoi and Bac Ninh with our luxurious fleet, including Dcar Limousine, President, Xplus, Solati, Autokingdom Limousine, and Unicar.

Our vehicles range from 9 to 20 seats, including the driver, and are all high-end models , ensuring the best travel experience at competitive prices.

One-way Limousine Rental Prices from Ha Long to Sapa and Vice Versa

  • 9-seater Limousine: 6,000,000 VND (240 USD)

  • 11-seater Limousine: 6,500,000 VND (260 USD)

  • 16-seater Limousine: 8,500,000 VND (340 USD)

Inclusions in the Price

- Comfortable leather seats

- Spacious interiors

- Powerful air conditioning

- High-speed WiFi

- USB charging ports

- Complimentary bottled water

Our Fleet of Van, Minibus Limousines

Asia Transport's Limousine Fleet

- Auto Kingdom Limousine, Dcar Limousine, Dcar Solati, Dcar Xplus 9-seater

- Dcar/Auto Kingdom Limousine 11-seater

- Fuso Limousine, Samco Limousine 16, 18-seater

Distance from Hạ Long to Sapa

The journey from Ha Long to Sapa by limousine is not a direct route and typically involves a transfer in Hanoi. The total distance is approximately 570 kilometers (354 miles).

The travel time can vary depending on the chosen service and traffic conditions, but it generally takes around 8 hours, including the transfer in Hanoi.

Some limousine services offer a direct transfer with a rest stop in Hanoi, while others may require passengers to change vehicles for the onward journey to Sapa.

Passengers can expect a comfortable and scenic ride through the diverse landscapes of northern Vietnam, with a break in Hanoi to stretch their legs and refresh themselves before continuing to Sapa.

During the limousine journey from Ha Long to Sapa, passengers can expect a rest stop in Hanoi due to the transfer required for this route. 

Stop on the way

The stop typically occurs at a designated rest area or service station in Hanoi, offering amenities such as clean restrooms, convenience stores for snacks and drinks, and sometimes local restaurants for a quick meal. 

Passengers will have around 15-20 minutes to an hour to stretch their legs, refresh themselves, and use the facilities before continuing their journey to Sapa with either the same vehicle or a different one, depending on the chosen service. 

This rest stop not only provides a break for passengers but also allows for a smooth transition between the two legs of the journey.

Phuoc An Rest Stop

The first stop on the Hanoi - Lao Cai Expressway is Phuoc An Rest Stop, located in Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc.

This rest stop offers a full range of services, including dining, refreshments, and 24/7 fueling. Visitors have praised the food quality, cleanliness, and good service at this stop.

Tuan Tu Rest Stop

The next rest stop on the route is Tuan Tu Rest Stop, located in Phu Tho Province.

This is considered one of the best rest stops on the Hanoi - Lao Cai Expressway, offering a spacious and well-ventilated parking area. The food and other products at this rest stop are reasonably priced, according to visitor reviews.

Why Choose Ha Long to Sapa or Return Van, Minibus Limousine?

Luxury & Comfort

Our Limousines are equipped with plush leather seats, spacious interiors, powerful air conditioning, high-speed WiFi, USB charging ports, and complimentary bottled water.

Door-to-Door Service

We pick you up from central locations in Ha Long and drop you off at your hotel in Sapa (and vice versa).

Flexible Schedules

Daily departures with multiple time slots to choose from.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee the best market rates with no hidden charges.

Professional Drivers

Our experienced and friendly drivers ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

How to Book Your Ha Long to Sapa or Return Limousine

Booking your ride has never been easier:

Contact Hotline

Online Booking

Asia Transport always offers special discounts to boost travel demand.

Important Notes When Traveling by Ha Long to Sapa or Return Limousine

- Book your ticket in advance, especially during peak seasons.

- Carry your identification documents.

- Follow the company’s regulations.

Experience the Ha Long to Sapa or Return Limousine service for a complete and memorable trip.

Contact us today to receive attractive promotions!


Van, Minibus Limousine and luxury car rental service in Vietnam

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