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15 Things to Do When Visiting Ha Giang

Asia Transport would like update 15 Things to Do When Visiting Ha Giang

  1. Check-in at the milestone "Km0" located in the center of Ha Giang city.

  2. Experience boating on the Nho Quế River, admire the majestic scenery of the mountains and forests.

  3. Visit the Lũng Cú Flag Tower, an important landmark marking the northernmost sovereignty of Vietnam.

  4. Participate in traditional highland festivals, explore unique cultural aspects.

  5. Admire the golden rice terraces of Hoàng Su Phì during the harvest season.

  6. Conquer the winding mountain passes and steep slopes of Ha Giang.

  7. Explore highland markets, experience the distinct shopping culture.

  8. Hunt for clouds on Chiêu Lầu Thi peak, enjoy trekking adventures.

  9. Check out famous ancient houses such as Pao's house, Vương family mansion...

  10. Discover the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark and the ancient town of Dong Van.

  11. Visit Lô Lô Chải village, appreciate the beauty of the village and its local residents.

  12. Explore the Yên Minh pine forest, engage in camping and outdoor activities.

  13. Conquer the Quản Bạ "Gate to Heaven," enjoy panoramic views of the Northwest mountains.

  14. Sample Ha Giang's specialties such as Dong Van's rice rolls, multicolored sticky rice, and bamboo-tube rice.

  15. Trek to the border milestone 428, uncover the pristine beauty of the Northwest forest.

  16. These are the exciting activities and experiences you should try when traveling to Ha Giang, a beautiful and unique region in the northernmost part of Vietnam.

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