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Van, Minibus, Car Rental from Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi - Ciity

Đã cập nhật: 26 thg 5, 2023

Asia Transport would like to send you the cost of traveling by private Car, Minibus, Van Limousine 7, 9 seaters from Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi - City with driver in 50 mins hours, 27 km understanding basic English, free wifi, water no extra cost.

Cost of transferring Private Limousine 9 seaters and car 7 seaters Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi and City 8 hour and back.

  • Kia Sedona 7 seaters: 2,800,000vnd

  • Kia Carnival 7 seaters: 3,300,000vnd

  • Ford Limousine 9 seaters: 3,300,000vnd

  • Huyndai Limousine 9 seaters: 3,800,000vnd

For 11 16, 19, 28 seats please request

Currency: 1$ = 23,000VND

Asia Transport would like to suggest type of Van, Minibus Limousine and Car Rental with driver from Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi and City 8 hour depend on your group size:

  • Under 9 pax 9-seat Van Limousine service for group less

  • Under 11, 15, 18 pax Minibus Limousine 11, 15, 18 seaters for group have number of pax

  • Under 6 pax: Car 7 seaters like Sedona, Carnival, Xpander, Veloz for group

Price rental Inclusion:

  • Van Limousine 9 seaters + 1 driver (2018-21 model), massage chair (applicable to Dcar Xplus, Auto Kingdom, Dcar Solati), Car 7 seater new model.

  • Fuel, tolls (always use the best routes), wifi, drinking water, cold towels, driver.

  • Vehicle experience using basic English, driving, meal and sleeping independently, 24/7 support office.

  • Not included: tip for driver normal 10 usd/day, and other expenses incurred

Contact us:

  • Urgent: +84899162338 (Whatsapp)

  • Email:

Time and distance from Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi

  • Distance from Ho Chi Minh - Cu Chi is about 27 km.

  • Transfer time is about 50 min.

  • You can choose 9-seat Dcar / Auto Kingdom Limousine car service for groups of under 9 people. 11-seat car for groups under 11 people or 16, 18 seaters for groups above.

Introduce about Cu Chi tunnel

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a massive underground tunnel system in Cu Chi, located about 40 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City.

This tunnel system was built by locals in the fall of 1940, during the Vietnam War, and played an important role in supporting the operations of the Republic of Vietnam army. The tunnel system is about 250 km long and includes engine rooms, storage areas, cooking areas, shelters and combat areas.

Cu Chi Tunnels are known for Weapons Tunnels, tunnels on the surface of the earth, tunnels and also water tunnels. Today, Cu Chi Tunnels has become a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world.

Here, you can visit the tunnel system, learn the history of the Vietnam war, and see through the dangers and weapons that the people and army of the Republic of Vietnam used in the war.


Specializes in SUV 7 seaters Passenger Van Limousine rental 9-28 seaters with the best price in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi for the needs of travel, wedding, airport pick-up, shuttle staff, summer tourism ... who need comfort and class for the trip.

How to book Van, Minibus, SUV Rental from Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi with us?

Asia Transport certainly has a good price to stimulate travel, rental Private SUV, Van, Minibus Limousine from Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi, please feel free contact to receive instant savings.

Contact us

  • Urgent: +84899162338 (Whatsapp)

  • Email:

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