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Exploring the Most Detailed Travel Experiences on Ngoc Vung Island

Quang Ninh is one of Vietnam's famous tourist destinations, famous for its stunning natural beauty, including the world-famous Ha Long Bay and many other interesting spots.

Each place has a unique appeal bestowed by nature, promising wonderful experiences for visitors.

Among these destinations, Ngoc Vung Island stands out with its wild and unique beauty.

If you are looking for a quiet place to immerse yourself in the island's natural beauty, leave your worries behind, recharge and balance your spirit, this is the ideal destination.

To gain a deeper understanding of this place, explore the most detailed and updated travel experiences on Ngoc Vung Island.

Experience Travel on Ngoc Vung Island

1. Introduction to Ngoc Vung Island:

Ngoc Vung Island is located on Van Hai Island, in Van Don district, with an area of about 12 square kilometers. It is located between two other islands, Hon Net and Phuong Hoang, offering an astonishingly beautiful view from above.

The island's name, "Ngoc Vung" (meaning "pearl" in Vietnamese), comes from the phenomenon of pearl oysters emitting a gentle light around the island.

With a slightly bumpy beauty and the only road running through the island, you can enjoy the natural beauty of white sand beaches and clear blue sea water. It is no surprise that Ngoc Vung Island has become one of the famous attractions in Quang Ninh.

2. Appropriate time to visit Ngoc Vung Island:

Ngoc Vung Island is located in Quang Ninh province, so the best time to visit the island is from April to August, summer. Although it can be hot during this period, it offers the best opportunities for sea activities and enjoying the sea and stunning scenery.

Vacations should be avoided from late September to late November. This season often has storms, flooding and difficulties in traveling and enjoying the coastal areas of the island.

3. Travel costs to Ngoc Vung Island:

The cost of visiting Ngoc Vung Island varies depending on personal preferences and budget.

According to travel experience on Ngoc Vung Island, if you choose to travel by plane to Quang Ninh, ticket prices can range from 800,000 VND to 2,000,000 VND per ticket, depending on the time.

For travelers near Quang Ninh, the cost of a bus ticket to get to Quang Ninh can be from only 60,000 VND to 200,000 VND.

Additionally, the cost of stay depends on personal choice, with options available from 400,000 VND per night for comfortable accommodation.

Most attractions on the island are free, but if you want to use specific services, additional fees may apply.

Means of transportation to Ngoc Vung Island - Van Don - Quang Ninh

1. Choice of means: Visitors can get to Ngoc Vung Island by the following

For tourists from other provinces, you can choose to go on the highway from Hanoi - Ha Long to Van Don, arrive at Ao Tien Port

Ao Tien International Port: Opens Window to Quang Ninh Sea and Island Area

Ao Tien International Port is located in Ha Long commune, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. The location of this port is south of Bai Tu Long Bay, about 10 km from the center of Cai Rong town. Ao Tien Port is a project that started construction in April 2022 and officially went into operation on March 1, 2023.

2. How to book Canoes, Speedboats and Wooden Boats:

Ngoc Vung Island is always ready to support tourists through the island's tourism hotline number 1900.99.88.96 for information about tourism and booking services on the island, including:

+ Support for booking transportation to the island: Canoe, speedboat and wooden boat. This service is available for individual travelers, group travelers, who want to book tickets on a fixed schedule or arrange transportation for large groups at suitable times.

+ Provide information on accommodation and support with booking rooms, renting electric vehicles, motorbikes and bicycles. Provide information about tours and attractions and assist with tour bookings.

When you come to Ngoc Vung today, you will be enthusiastically served with many services such as dining, accommodation, entertainment and fun.

If you choose to explore the island by electric vehicle or motorbike, you can also visit some of the island's unique historical spots and cultural experiences, such as Phao Dai Island, Ngoc Thuy freshwater lake, and Cau Lau, Da Nang Island.

Soi Den, Hoi Mai Monument Station. In particular, you can participate in harvesting unique local products such as melons, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, which will make you love the sea, the land and the people here - gentle, patient and hospitable. .

4. Means of transportation to Ngoc Vung Island:

To get to Ngoc Vung Island.

Here is a revised version of the provided information:

Below is a list of Limousine van companies along with their contact from Hanoi to Ao Tien port details:

Ticket prices for Limousine services typically range from 300,000 VND to 350,000 VND per passenger.

1. Duy Khanh Limousine:

- Service: Quang Ninh Limousine Bus from Hanoi

- Contact: 0981369442

2. Trung Thanh Limousine:

- Location: Thong Nhat Urban Area, Van Don, Quang Ninh

- Contact: 0203 3991 996

3. Van Don Xanh Limousine:

- Location: Vuong Long Urban Area, Area 5, Van Don, Quang Ninh

- Contact: 0203 3991 991

4. Hoang Cong Bus:

- Location: Ha Dong, Hanoi

- Hotline: 19000 392, 0943 111 112, 0961 111 112, 0963 111 112

- Car: Visitors can also use a car to get to Ngoc Vung Island from Hanoi. The route usually involves following the Hanoi - Hai Phong - Ha Long - Van Don highway, then going to Cam Pha and finally reaching Ngoc Vung Island via Vung Duc.

From Ha Long city, you can go through Highway 18A (direction Ha Long - Mong Cai) through Cam Pha city to Cua Ong, thenTurn right and cross Van Don bridge to reach Cai Rong town center (Van Don district) about 50km.

Continue right, go down to Cai Rong Port (Ao Tien Port), and board a wooden boat to Ngoc Vung Island.

Boat depart daily with specific schedules as follows:

  • Ship name: Hoan Chung

  • Route: Cai Rong Ao Tien Port => Ngoc Vung

  • Departure time: 7:00

  • Ticket price: 80,000 VND for one-way ticket

  • Route: Ngoc Vung => Cai Rong Ao Tien Port

  • Departure time: 6:20

  • Route: Ngoc Vung => Cai Rong Ao Tien Port

  • Departure time: 13:00

- Public transport:

- Air: For tourists from far away, flying is the most convenient option. After landing at Van Don airport, you can go to Ha Long by bus and buy tickets from Ao Tien to Ngoc Vung Island from there.

- By road: If you are near Quang Ninh, you can choose a bus or taxi to Ha Long and then buy a ticket to Ngoc Vung Island. You can easily book flight tickets to Van Don - Quang Ninh through Vietnam Airline, Vietjet Air from many reputable airlines, with very reasonable prices.

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