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Exploring the Beauty of Spring in Lao Xa, Ha Giang


Nestled within the serene valley of Sủng Là, approximately 6 kilometers from the heart of Sủng Là commune, Lao Xa village adorns itself in the vibrant hues of cherry blossoms, pear flowers, and mustard flowers during the spring season.

This small village has been gaining recognition among travelers in recent years for its untouched natural beauty and tranquil ambiance.

Discovering the Charms of Lao Xa:

Lao Xa is home to over 100 households of the Hmong ethnic group. Traditional tiled-roof houses, surrounded by stone fences and walls, dot the landscape amidst orchards of peach and plum trees. Each house, with its three-section architecture, resembles a secluded sanctuary amidst verdant gardens, low wooden gates, and stone walls.

Captivating Scenes of Spring:

During his first spring visit to Lao Xa, Mr. Nguyen Van Ngo from Hanoi was captivated by the picturesque scenes of traditional houses and stone fences meticulously maintained by the local residents.

This preservation effort not only enhances the beauty of spring in Lao Xa but also reflects the cultural heritage of the Hmong people. Mr. Ngo spent three days exploring the surrounding areas, capturing the blossoming flowers amid the rocky plateau.

Access and Seasonal Attractions:

Situated approximately 130 kilometers from Hà Giang City, Lao Xa is accessible by motorbike or car. Along the scenic routes leading deep into the village, visitors are greeted by the sight of cherry blossoms and pear flowers adorning the landscape.

Cultural Preservation and Tourism:

As an economically developed hamlet of Sủng Là commune, the residents of Lao Xa are committed to preserving their unique cultural heritage. In addition to the naturally growing flora, villagers cultivate peach and plum trees around their homes and along the hillsides, enhancing the springtime allure for tourists.

Spring Blossoms and Local Traditions:

Cherry blossoms typically bloom from mid-February to late March, making Lao Xa one of the earliest cherry blossom sites in Ha Giang. The blooming period coincides with that of pear blossoms, creating a spectacular landscape against the backdrop of earthen walls and tiled-roof houses.

Simple Beauty and Warm Hospitality:

Beyond its natural splendor, Lao Xa charms visitors with the genuine warmth and simplicity of its residents. The friendly locals and cheerful children embody the essence of the Hmong culture. Visitors like Mr. Ngo and Ms. Mai Nguyen from Hanoi appreciate the absence of commercialization, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the village's authenticity.

Immersive Accommodation Experience:

To fully experience the village life, Mr. Ngo recommends spending a night in a traditional homestay, priced between 300,000 to 500,000 VND per night. Run by locals, these homestays offer an authentic glimpse into the Hmong culture, with rustic décor and surroundings imbued with the passage of time, providing an intimate connection to the local way of life.


For travelers seeking a blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and warm hospitality, Lao Xa stands as a hidden gem in Ha Giang province, offering a refreshing retreat amidst the rugged highlands. Experience the enchantment of spring in Lao Xa, where every blossom tells a story of tradition and tranquility.


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